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European Company and Financial Law Review (ECFR)

Full Text: Vols. 1-8 (2004-2011)
Indexed: Indexed: Vols. 1-17 #1 (2004-2020)
Publisher: Walter de Gruyter
Publication Website:
ISSN: 1613-2548
Frequency: 4

Additional Information for European Company and Financial Law Review (ECFR)
The journal focuses on all areas of European company law and the financing of companies and business entities. This includes the law of capital markets as well as the law of accounting and auditing and company law related issues of insolvency law. Finally it serves as a platform for the discussion of theoretical questions such as the economic analysis of company law. It consists of articles and case notes on both decisions of the European courts as well as of national courts insofar as they have implications on European company law.


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