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Volume 1995

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Lawyering on the Internet
Children with Special Educational Needs in a Consumer-Driven Education System
Discrimination against Part-time Workers
Corporate Governance, Cadbury and Friendly Societies
Whitehall's Cultural Revolution
Compulsory Subjects: Will the Seven Foundations ever Crumble
Raising the Drawbridge: Defending University Law Schools
Usenet News and the Law
Recovering Lost Legacies: White v. Jones in the Lords
Going Dutch - Who Foots the Bill in Section 459 Petitions
Trustees' Duty to Defend - Look before You Leap, When to Leap and How High
Michael, Privacy and Human Rights
Arnheim (ed.) Common Law
Undercover Police Operations and What the Suspect Said (or Didn't Say)
Who has Jurisdiction for Cross- Frontier Financial Crimes
Reforming Public Interest Immunity
Examining Equality: The Fair Employment Act (NI) 1989 and Its Review
Proposals for the Introduction of a Community Utility Model System: A UK Perspective
Law Commission Consultation Paper No 137 - Liability for Psychiatric Illness
Language of the Law: International Students and the Reading of Statutes, The
Extending the Theory-Practice Spiral: Action Research as a Mechanism for Crossing the Academic/Professional Divide
Legal Knowledge Based Systems: Some Observations on the Future
Missionary's Position after Kokkinakis v Greece, The
Private Rights and Planning Consent
J. Robert Lilly, Francis T. Cullen and Richard A. Ball, Criminological Theory: Context and Consequences (second edition)
Martin Wasik and Richard Taylor, Blackstone's Guide to the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994
Article 224 of the Treaty of Rome and the Repercussions of Case C-120/94
Lending on the Security of Co-Owned Homes, Suretyship and Undue Influence
Marginalisation of Gypsies, The
Exclusion of Evidence under Section 78 of the Police and Criminal Evidence Act: Practice and Principles
Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts Regulations 1994
B v Croydon Health Authority 1994, CA: Force-Feeding the Hunger-Striker under the Mental Health Act 1983
Prerogative, Legislative Power, and the Democratic Deficit: The Fire Brigades Union Case, The
Reforming Termination of Pregnancy: Two Models within the British Islands
Implementing an EC Directive on Unfair Terms
Charity Investment in the UK: Some Contemporary Issues for the 1990s
Harmonised Global Interchange - UNCITRAL's Draft Model law for Electronic Data Interchange
Legal Education Editorial
Research Reports on Legal Education: Number One: - The Association of Law Teachers Legal Education Project
Research Reports on Legal Education: Number Two: Legal Skills and Clinical Legal Education
Goodwin-Gill, Professor G S and Cohn, Dr I, Child Soldiers, The Role of Children in Armed Conflicts
Magill and the Software Directive: are they interoperable
Liability for Psychiatric Illness - More Principle, Less Subtlety
Involuntary Intoxication Is Not A Defence
Jury Warnings: The Exercise of Judicial Discretion
Equal Helpings: Ratcliffe and others v North Yorkshire County Council
Inferring Share of Interest in Home: Midland Bank v Cooke
Law Commission's Proposals on Mental Capacity and the Legality of Elective Ventilation for Transplantation Purposes, The
Critical Approach to the White Paper on Divorce Reform, A
Law Courseware: Big Bang or Damp Squib
Legal Education in Germany: Becoming a Lawyer, Judge, and Professor
Aidan O'Neill, Decisions of the European Court of Justice and their Constitutional Implications
Rosalyn Higgins, Problems and Process: International Law and How We Use It
Public Policy, Security of Tenure and the Agricultural Holdings Acts
Rights of Foreigners and Immigrants in Europe: Recent Trends, The
Occupation for Life: Satisfying the Equity
Death Throes of the Sick Man: Webb v EMO Air Cargo (UK) Ltd (No 2), The
Information Technology and the Legal Practice Course
Comparative Dimension (or What do They Know of England, that Only England Know), The
Legal Education in Flanders
Josephine Steiner, Enforcing EC Law
Le Brun and Johnstone, The Quiet Revolution - Improving Student Learning in Law