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Volume 1996

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Police Surgeon and Mentally Disordered Suspects: An Adequate Safeguard, The
Criminal Liability for the Transmission of HIV
How an ECJ Decision on Equal Pay May Affect British Indirect Discrimination Law
Harm, Sentence Severity and Serious Motoring Offenders
Some Reflections on the Woolf Interim Report
Analysis of The Police and Criminal Evidence Act, s.69 - Computer Generated Evidence
Aldermen, Reasons and Judicial Review
Use of Public Interest Immunity Claims in Criminal Cases
Open Access, Rights and Legislation
Drug Offenders and Sentencing Policy
Statutory Reform of Choice of Law in Tort and Delict: A Bitter Pill or a Cure for the Ill
Family Redefinition under Part III of the Family Law Bill 1996
Good Character Directions and Blemished Defendants
Charity Law - A Political Scandal
Where Now on Mental Incapacity
Problem-Solving Through Reflective Practice: The Oxygen of Expertise or Just Swamp Gas
Standard of Proof in Care Order Applications under the Children Act 1989
Positive Action before the European Court of Justice: CASE C-450/93 Kalanke v Freie Hansestadt Bremen
Novelty of Inventions under the Patents Act 1977 and the European Patent Convention
Janet Dine, Criminal Law in the Company Context
John Zeleznikow and Dan Hunter, Building Intelligent Legal Information Systems: Representation and Reasoning in Law
Truth in Sentencing: Some Problems of Enforcement Strategy
Legal Practice Course Research Skills: Teaching Competence or Raising Awareness
Section 3 of the Computer Misuse Act 1990: an Antidote for Computer Viruses
Problems Postponed: The Rule In Wheeldon v Burrows and Wheeler v Saunders
Page v Smith - A Case of Mere Psychiatric Injury
Stag Hunting, Irrelevant Considerations and Judicial Review
Susan Bright & Geoff Gilbert, Landlord and Tenant Law: The Nature of Tenancies
Tim Newburn, Crime and Criminal Justice Policy
Look Who'stalking: Seeking a Solution to the Problem of Stalking
Prevention of Terrorism (Additional Powers) Act 1996
Computer-Generated Displays in the Courtroom: For Better or Worse
King Can Do Wrong: State Liability for Breach of European Community Law in the Post-Francovich Era, The
Fitness for the buyer's peculiar purpose
Trusts of Land and Third Parties
Mary Hayes and Catherine Williams, Family Law: Principles, Policy and Practice
Lord Wedderburn, Max Rood, Gerard Lyon-Caen, Wolfgang Daubler and Paul van der Heijden, Labour Law in the Post-Industrial Era: Essays in Honour of Hugo Sinzheimer
UK Child Support Agency: A Step Towards EU Co-operation in the Field of Family Law, The
Council of Europe's Framework Convention on National Minorities, The
Regulating ADR- The Scottish Experience
Councils' judgements on bad tenants: New discretion in Parts II, V, and VI Housing Act 1996
Internet Exercise in Conveyancing Practice, An
Is The Legal Practice Course Training Future Solicitors to Avoid Professional Negligence
Profits recoverable in common law tracing claim: Trustee of the Property of F C Jones and Sons (a Firm) v Jones
Right to Respect for Home and Family Life: The First in a Series of 'Gypsy Cases' to Challenge UK Legislation, The
Patricia Tuitt, False Images - The Law's Construction of the Refugee
Thomas Wilhelmsson, Social Contract Law and European Integration