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Volume 1997

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Consumer Guarantees: the EC's draft Directive
Trusts Of Land And Appointment Of Trustees Act 1996
UK Government Policy on Encryption
Application of the Directive on the Transfer of Undertakings to Dealerships
Informal Liquidation - Play Amongst Yourselves
Colin Bourn and John Whitmore, Anti-Discrimination Law in Britain, 3rd edition
Law and Ethics Deriving from the Parthenon Marbles Case, The
Theft, Mortgage Fraud and the Age of Technology
Beyond Woolf: The Virtual Court House
Provocation and the Evidential Burden
Blackstone's Guide to the Asylum and Immigration Act 1996 by Leonard Leigh and Chaloka Beyani
Ten Questions for 'Unjust Enrichment' Theorists
Is He Our Sister? Sex, Gender, and Transsexuals Under European Law
In Defence of Ireland
Equality for All - Higher Education and the Disability Discrimination Act 1995
Ends of Legal Studies, The
Law, Undergraduates and the Tutorial
Legal Education in Greece
Law in the Outer Limits
Nuisance, Dust and the Right to Good TV Reception: Canary Wharf in the House of Lords
Gametes: Storage, Consent and Treatment
Richard Susskind, The Future of Law: Facing the Challenges of Information Technology
Andreas R. Ziegler, Trade and Environmental Law in the European Community
Consequences of Incapacity, The
Holocaust Denial in England
Lome V: Towards a New Trade Horizon
Criminal Justice (Mental Disorder) Bill 1996, The
Indirect Discrimination in Social Security Schemes
Opting in to the opt-out: The UK and European Social Policy
Disciplining Doctors: 'Seriously Deficient Performance' under the Medical (Professional Performance) Act 1995
EU Directive On Distance Selling, The
Rise and Rise of Legal Education, The
David W Webber (ed), AIDS and the Law
Child Victims and Sentencing Policy for Violent and Sexual Crimes
Proprietary Estoppel, Purchasers and Mortgagees: An Alternative Approach
Ending the 'Ghettoisation': The Right of Individual Petition to the Women's Convention
EC Database Directive: an Original Solution to an Unoriginal Problem, The
Skill of Learning: Implications of the ACLEC First Report for Teaching Skills on Undergraduate Law Courses, The
John Angel and Ian Walden, Telecommunications Law Handbook
Paul Hilder, IT In The Solicitor's Office