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Volume 1998

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Way We Live Now: Human Rights in the New Millennium, The
Autochthonous Language Communities and the Race Relations Act
Gay Men and Part 1 of the Sex Offenders Act, 1997
Harassment: Discrimination in Interpretation
Paedophiles and the Crime and Disorder Bill
No Chance for Key Recovery: Encryption and International Principles of Human and Political Rights
Computers, Hearsay, and the Status of Extradition Proceedings
Sick Men and Women of Europe: (Case C-400/95) Handes-Og Kontorfunktionaerernes Forbund, Acting on Behalf of Larsson v Dansk Handel & Service, Acting on Behalf of Fotx Supermarked A/S [1997] IRLR 643, The
C. Chatterjee, Methods of Research in Law: A Handbook for Students
Fiona Cownie and Anthony Bradney, English Legal System in Context
Issues in Corporate Crime: An Introduction
Corporate Culpability
Controlling Corporate Criminality: Penal Sanctions and Beyond
Effective Teaching and Learning of Law on the Web
Sandwich Placements in Law: Academic Tourism or a Form of Clinical Legal Education
Lilian Edwards and Charlotte Waelde (eds), Law & the Internet - Regulating Cyberspace
Irrational Presumptions of Rationality and Comprehension
Use of Electronic Technology in Maritime Transport: the Economic Necessity and the Legal Framework in European Union Law, The
Computer Simulation of Judicial Behaviour
New York Exchange: A Model of Reflective Work Experience, The
D. Woodhouse, In Pursuit of Good Administration: Ministers, Civil Servants and Judges
Rt. Hon. Lord Nolan and Sir Stephen Sedley, The Making and Remaking of the British Constitution, The
James N. Talbott, New Media: Intellectual Property, Entertainment, and Technology Law
Transmission of Disease during Consensual Sexual Activity and the Concept of Associative Autonomy, The
UK Data Protection Law: The Key Changes
Birthday Suit for the Environment, A
Necessity and Detention under the Mental Health Act 1983
Negligent children
Constantin Stefanou and Helen Xanthaki, A Legal and Political Interpretation of Articles 224 and 225 of the Treaty of Rome: The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia Cases
Incidence of Fear in Prisons: Prisoner and Officer Assessments
Transit and the Energy Charter Treaty: Rhetoric and Reality
Employment Rights and Business Transfers - Changes to the Acquired Rights Directive
Owning Diana: From People's Princess to Private Property
Marriage Tax Elimination Act and Clinton's Child Care Relief Plan: Which Would Go the Furthest towards Ending Gender Bias in the Tax Code, The
Cyberspace and the Future of Law, Legal Education and Practice in Japan
Rolling Down the Information Highway in Search of Charitable Status
Literature of the Law: A Thoughtful Entertainment for Lawyers and Others. Selected and Introduced by Brian Harris, OBE, The