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Volume 1999

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To Smack or Not to Smack - A Review of A v United Kingdom in an International and European Context and its Potential Impact on Physical Parental Chastisement
Re-Regulating Free Speech: Privilege, Public Interest and Privacy
Loosening the Shackles of Silence: A Digital Liberation for the Deaf Practitioner
Caesarean Sections, Competence and the Illusion of Autonomy
Howell, Book Review Christian Perspectives on Law Reform
Common Law Agenda for Labour Law, A
Benchmarking: A Pedagogically Valuable Process
Benchmarking: A Pedagogically Valuable Process - An Alternative View
EDI: Electronic Techniques of EDI, Legal Problems and European Union Law
A O'Donnell and R Johnstone, Developing a Cross-Cultural Law Curriculum
Addressing the Legal Status of Cohabitation in Britain and France: Plus ca change...
Residential Mortgage Repossessions and The Administration of Justice Acts, 1970 and 1973 - A case for Reform
Working Time Directive: A Spanish Inquisition, The
Bonafide or Bogus: Roma Asylum Seekers from the Czech Republic
Liberal Ideals and Vocational Aims in University Legal Education
In the Course of a Business - A Fresh Examination
Care Plan, The
Human Dignity, Autonomy and Mentally Incapacitated Patients: A Critique of Who Decides
Observations on the Law Relating to Sexual Offences: the Historic Scandal of Women's Silence
Sentenced to Treatment
How to Join the Club: Poland, Pre-accession and Agenda 2000
Legitimate Protest or Campaign of Harassment - Protestors, Harassment and Reasonableness: The Decision in DPP v Moseley