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Volume 2000

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State Liability v Retroactive Application of Belated Implementing Measures: Seeking the Optimum Means in Terms of Effectiveness of EC Law
Quasi-Judicial Review: The European Ombudsman As An Alternative To The European Courts
Judicial Review and the Protection of Non-commercial Interests in the European Community
Of Resources, Rationality and Rights: Emerging Trends in the Judicial Review of Allocative Decisions
Law and 'Social Problems:' The Case of Britain's Protection from Harassment Act 1997, The
Mode of Trial: Lessons from a Small Island
E.C. Directive On Certain Aspects of the Sale of Consumer Goods and Associated Guarantees - All Talk and No Do, The
Australia's Recommendations for the Sterilisation of the Mentally Incapacitated Minor - A More Rigorous Approach
One Hundred Years of Servitude: Contractual Conflict in English Professional Football before Bosman
Banks and the Use of Chinese Walls in Managing Conflict of Duties
Do Social Sanctions Matter in Domestic Violence: A Pilot Study
Sexual Offences, Strict Liability and Mistaken Belief: B v DPP in the House of Lords
Caught in the Tangled Web
David P. Fidler, International Law and Infectious Diseases
Religious Rights and Choice under the European Convention on Human Rights
Particular Problem for E-commerce: Section 3 of the Unfair Contract Terms Act 1977, A
McFarlane v Tayside Health Board: A Wrongful Conception in the House of Lords
What's In A Name - A Review Of Stanley Lai's The Copyright Protection Of Computer Software in The UK
Contrasting Agendas in the Reform of Mental Health Law; the Expert Committee and the Green Paper
Future Imperfect: Reform of the House of Lords
Electronic Delivery in Law: What Difference Does it Make to Results
Very Much the Wrong People: The House of Lords and Publication of Spy Memoirs (A-G v Blake)
Pinochet Case: A Legal and Constitutional Analysis, Diana Woodhouse (ed.), The
Trade and the Environment: The Future of Extraterritorial Unilateral Measures after the Shrimp Appellate Body
Reform of Double Jeopardy, The
Unfair Dismissal, Representation and Compensation
New Rules of Procedure for Judicial Review, The
Legal Use of Participating Informers, The
C Stefanou & H Xanthaki, A Legal and Political Interpretation of Article 215(2) [new Article 288(2)] of the Treaty of Rome: The Individual Strikes Back