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Volume 2001

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Revolution By Degrees: From Costs to Financing and the End of the Indemnity Principle, A
Overview of the Use of Computer-Generated Displays in the Courtroom, An
Chargees and Family Property
Economy and Environment: Shaping the Development of European Agricultural Law
Why Parliament Should Create HIV Specific Offences
Breach of the Peace: the Case for Abolition
Work and Parents: Competitiveness and Choice Green Paper (Cmnd 5005 December 2000): A Policy to Promote Parenting / Workplace Harmony
Freedom of Information Act 2000: Genuine or Sham, The
Legal Training in Lebanon: Listening to the Attitudes and Concerns of Trainee Lawyers
Victim Personal Statement: Who is the Victim, The
Watford v Sanderson: The Requirement of Reasonableness in System Supply Contracts and More Generally
Alan Merry and Alexander McCall Smith, Errors, Medicine and the Law
Europe and Human Rights
Impact of the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights on the EU System of Protection of Rights: Much Ado about Nothing, The
Trafficking and Smuggling of Human Beings in Europe: Protection of Individual Rights or States' Interests
Basis for Departure of European Standard under Article 9 of the European Convention on Human Rights from Equivalent Universal Standards, The
Community Law Immigration Rights, Unmarried Partnerships and the Relationship between European Court of Human Rights Jurisprudence and Community Law in the Court of Justice
Richard Shannon, A Press Free and Responsible