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Volume 2006

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Spectrum Plus and Book Debts: The Final Chapter
Liability for Professional Athletes' Injuries: A Comparative Analysis of Where the Risk Lies
Legal Aspects of Medical Ethics
Ethical Considerations in Family Law
Erosion of the Right to Seek Asylum, The
Selected Aspects of Contemporary Legal Education at the University of Silesia: A Case Study in Polish Legal Education
What is a Ship: R v Goodwin in the Court of Appeal
Kathy Bowrey, Law & Internet Cultures
Kyrill Farbmann, Die Reform der Fusionskontrollverordnung als ein Beispiel der Europaischen Normsetzungspolitik
Books available for review - April 2006
Web JCLI Legal Education Special Issue - Society of Legal Scholars Legal Education Subject Section Special Edition
On the Edge: ICT and the Transformation of Professional Legal Learning
Legal Education or Community Service - The Extra-Curricular student Law Clinic
New Skill - Law-Text Analysis, A
Liberating Legal Education - Innocence Projects in the US and Australia
Wrongful Convictions and Innocence Projects in the UK: Help, Hope and Education
21st Century Law School: Choices, Challenges and Opportunities Ahead, The
Problem Based Learning and New Zealand Legal Education
Two Thousand Years of Legal Education in Ireland
Building Links with Practitioners, Government Agencies and Universities through Clinical Aspects of Legal Education in Nigeria
Legal Education in Transition: A Study from Georgia
Impact of Formative Assessment on Student Learning, The
Can a Problem-Based Learning Unit Exist in Isolation on an Undergraduate LLB
Soul of Legal Education, The
From Student to Trainee Practitioner - A Study of Team Working as a Learning Experience
Use of ICTs for Teaching and Learning in Law Education: Some Innovators' Perspectives, The
Extra-Constitutionalism, the Human Rights Act and the Labour Rebels: Applying Prof Tushnet's Theories in the UK
Sheldrake Regulatory Offences and Reverse Legal Burdens of Proof
Insurance for the Company or Assurance for the Keyman
Wither Occupational Pensions
J. Cameron Blackhall, Planning Law and Practice 3rd Edition
Ramon Mullerat (ed), Corporate Social Responsibility: The Corporate Governance of the 21st Century
Books Available for Review
Medical Research into Emergency Treatment: Regulatory Tensions in England and Wales
Treatment of Children under the UK Asylum System - Children First and Foremost, The
Utility and Biotechnology Patenting
Section 4A Public Order Act 1986: Accommodating Freedom of Expression, Dehal v Crown Prosecution Service [2005] EWHC 2154
Costas Douzinas & Adam Gearey, Critical Jurisprudence: The Political Philosophy of Justice
Fabienne Ilzkovitz and Roderick Meiklejohn (editors), European Merger Control - Do We Need an Efficiency Defence