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Volume 2007

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Age Discrimination, The Default Retirement Age and Occupational Pensions: Experiences from Canada and Predictions for Britain
Licensing Act and its Implementation: Nanny knows the Third Way is Best, The
Fairness in Ancillary Relief
Special Issue: Diverting Juveniles, Diverting Justice
Diversion of Young Offenders: A Proportionate Response, The
Young People's Perspectives on Final Warnings
Final Warning, Youth Justice and Early Intervention: Reflections on the Findings of a Research Study Carried out in Northern England
Diverting Children Involved in Prostitution
Maritime Transport of the Environmentally Damaging Materials (A Balance Between Absolute Freedom and Strict Prohibition)
Asylum in Crisis, an Assessment of UK Asylum Law and Policy since 2002: Fear of Terrorism or Economic Efficiency
Micro-Sovereignty of Discretion in Legal Decision-Making: Carl Schmitt's Critique of Liberal Principles of Legality, The
Neil MacCormick, Questioning Sovereignty: Law, State, and Nation in the European Commonwealth
Books Available for Review June 2007
Restitution or Discrimination - Lessons on Affirmative Action from South African Employment Law
Patented Past, Genetically Modified Future - Biotechnology and Developing Countries
Discrimination by Association
Government of Wales Act 2006: Welsh Devolution Still a Process and Not an Event, The
Critical Reflection on the Methodology of Teaching Law to Non-law Students, A
Right to Tell One's Own Story - Balancing Privacy and Expression Claims, The
Creating Trust and Satisfaction Online: How Important Is ADR: The eBay Experience
Citizenship or Civic Death - Extending the Franchise to Convicted Prisoners
EU and Minority Languages: Missed Opportunities and Double Standards, The
Institutionalising Mediation - An Evaluation of the Exeter Court Small Claims Mediation Pilot
Intersectionality in Transition: Lessons from Northern Ireland
Abortion Law and the Unregulated Business of Female Sex-Selective Abortions in India
Functions of a Public Nature under the Human Rights Act 1998: The Decision of the House of Lords in YL v Birmingham City Council
Good-Bye to Pye
Nicola Lacey, A Life of H.L.A. Hart: The Nightmare and the Noble Dream
Books Available for Review November 2007