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Volume 2011

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Conflict in Middle-earth: Employment Law, Globalisation and Independent Film Workers
Sovereignty Clause for the UK - Essential Act, Empty Words or Hidden Agenda, A
Changing Nature of the Legal Services Market and the Implications for the Qualifying Law Degree, The
Ian Brownlie, Principles of Public International Law, 7th Edition
Yoram Dinstein, The International Law of Belligerent Occupation
Malgosia Fitzmaurice, David M. Ong and Panos Merkulis (eds) Research Handbook on International Environmental Law
Values in Canadian Legal Education
Teaching Values through Pedagogical Practice in Legal Education
Legal Education in Argentina: From Ideals of Justice to a Value-free Conception of the Law
Exploring Values in Legal Education
How to Live: Aristocratic Values, the Liberal University Law School and the Modern Lawyer
In Search of A New Judicial Professionalism: Intertwining Legal and Extra-Legal Values in Post-Authoritarian Training Programs
Seeking Secularism: Resisting Religiosity in Marriage and Divorce. A Comparative Study of England and America
Solicitors' CPD: Time to Change from Regulatory Stick to Regulatory Carrot
Myles McGregor-Lowndes & Kerry O'Halloran (eds), Modernising Charity Law: Recent Developments and Future Directions
Application Process and Decision-Making under the Licensing Act 2003
Irish Animal Protection Laws: A Comparative Analysis
Use of Wild Animals in Circuses, The
Nuisance, Compliance with Environmental Permits and the Requirement for Negligence
Intellectual Property Enforcement: International Perspectives, Eds. Xuan Li & Carlos M. Correa
Judicial Discretion and Doing between the Banks and their Customers: A Critical Analysis of the Supreme Court Decision in Office of Fair Trading v Abbey National Plc and Others
Controlling Civil Liberties while Confronting Terrorism: The Case of Terrorism Prevention and Investigation Measures
Globalisation and States' Cyber-Territory
Cambridge Companion to European Union Private Law, Ed. Christian Twigg-Flesner, The