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Volume 2013

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Negotiated Plea Agreements in Cases of Serious and Complex Fraud in England and Wales: A New Conceptualisation of Plea Bargaining
Legality of the Israeli Naval Blockade of the Gaza Strip, The
Foreign Satellite Viewing Cards and English Premier League Football: Implications of Recent Judgments for the Consumer
New Zealand's Proposed Extension of Media Legal Privileges to Web 2.0 Media
Dismiss, Upset and Breach - Just Don't Suspend: The False Dawn of Damages for Future Losses - A Case Note on Edwards v Chesterfield Royal Hospital NHS Foundation Trust [2011] UKSC 58, [2012] 2 AC 22
Basics of Human Rights from Interdisciplinary Approaches: Four Reference Books, The
Dispatching the Dispatch Rule - The Postal Rule, E-Mail, Revocation and Implied Terms
GMC and Access to Occupational Health Reports: Issues and Challenges, The
Overview of the New System for Bank Recovery and Resolution in the EU
Local Authority Handling of Freedom of Information Requests: Lessons from a Research Project
Searching for Competition: A Comment on the Norwegian Residential Property Market Investigation
Software Plus Law Equals Bugs Galore
European Copyright Directive and Combinatorial Explosion, The
Case of Alvarez and the Boomerang Effect of Maternity Leave, The
End of the Opportunistic Breach of Contract - The Elective Theory of Repudiatory Breach Prevails: Societe Generale, London Branch v Geys [2012] UKSC 63
Xenophon Contiades (ed), Engineering Constitutional Change: A Comparative Perspective on Europe, Canada and the USA
Cartel Leniency and Effective Compensation in Europe: The Aftermath of Pfleiderer
Have the Renton Committee's Recommendations on Electronic Access to Legislation Been Fulfilled
Legal Process Outsourcing, In-House Counsels, Law Firms and Providers: Researching Effective Practices
Responding to Crisis: When the Telephone Fails
Anatomy of an Employee
Note on Using Vignettes in Socio-Legal Research, A
Ian Loveland, Constitutional Law, Administrative Law, and Human Rights (6th ed); Andrew Le Seur, Maurice Sunkin and Jo Murkens, Public Law: Text, Cases and Materials (2nd ed)
Welsh Devolution and Civil Society: Shaping the Future
Resistance, Creativity and Law School Sabbaticals
Bank's Duty of Confidentiality, Disclosure versus Credit Reference Agencies; Further Steps for Consumer Protection: Approval Model, The
History of the Web Journal of Current Legal Issues, A
Webcasting of Continuing Professional Development Courses: An Effective Learning and Revisionary Tool
How to Combat Spam
Mohamed S. Abdel Wahab, Ethan Katsch and Daniel Rainey (eds.): Online Dispute Resolution: Theory and Practice