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Volume 2016

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Special Issue on Public Law and Police Accountability: Editorial
Being on Our Radar Does Not Necessarily Mean Being under Our Microscope: The Regulation and Retention of Police Intelligence
Whistleblowing in the Police Service: Developments and Challenges
Role of Civil Liability in Ensuring Police Responsibility for Failures to Act after Michael and DSD, The
Deaths in Police Detention of Adults with Mental Health Conditions: How Can We Ensure Lessons Are Learned
Challenges in Teaching Political Aspects of Public Law: A Consideration of the Impact of Lecturer Bias and a Suggested Approach
Chief Constable of Bedfordshire v. Golding [2015] EWHC 1875 (QB)
Stuart Lister and Michael Rowe (Eds.), Accountability of Policing
Special Issue on Criminal Responsibility and Neuroscience: Introduction
Brain Scanning and Lie Detectors: The Implications for Fundamental Defence Rights
Young Minds, Old Legal Problems: Can Neuroscience Fill the Void
Fear, Loss of Control and Cognitive Neuroscience
Psychopathy, Moral Understanding and Criminal Responsibility
The Future of Neurolaw
Lance Armstrong - It Wasn't Just about the Bike (2016)
Are Lawyers Alienated Workers (2016)
Measuring the Impact, Quality and Effectiveness of Legal Assistance Services in a Climate of Reduced Funding and Increased Government Expectations: The Australian Experience (2016)
Now I Understand What You were Trying to Do, I See That This Was the Best Module I Had at University: Student Learning Expectations Reviewed Eight Years Later (2016)
To Entrenched to Be Challenged - A Commentary on the Rule against Contractual Penalties post Cavendish v. Makdessi and ParkingEye v. Beavis (2016)
Which Is the Applicable Law in Recovery of Losses from an Uninsured Driver - Moreno v. The Motor Insurers' Bureau (2016)
How to Save Our Town Centres: A Radical Agenda for the Future of High Streets (2016)
Book Review: Hilary Sommerlad, Sonia Harris-Short, Steven Vaughan and Richard Young (Eds) The Futures of Legal Education and the Legal Profession (2016)