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European Networks Law and Regulation Quarterly (ENLR)

Full Text: 2013-2016 All Published
Publisher: Lexxion Publisher
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ISSN: 2197-4446
Frequency: 4

Additional Information for European Networks Law and Regulation Quarterly (ENLR)
The European Networks Law and Regulation Quarterly (ENLR) is the first pan-European legal journal dedicated to the networks industries. Traditionally organised as State monopolies, most of these sectors have been liberalised either through EU legislation, or upon Member States' own initiatives. The railway, telecommunication, energy, water, and postal sectors have and are still undergoing similar processes of structural transformation. Although they are in different stages of this process, all of these sectors are characterised by similar transitional issues and by comparable levels of interaction between the public and private actors in the management of essential infrastructure and the operation of related services. This as such renders a horizontal and comparative approach most profitable and relevant for all practitioners.


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