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Federal Court of Justice Celebrates 50th Anniversary
Federal Constitutional Court Hears Arguments in Church/State Case: Should the Jehovaha's Witnesses be Granted Status as a Quasi-Public Entity?
Federal Constitutional Court Issues Decisions Protecting the Professional Freedom of Former East German Judges
Shareholders' Rights to Challenge the Decisions of the Assembly of a Publicly Traded Corporation Debated at the 63rd Deutscher Juristentag (German Lawyer's Conference)
European Charter of Fundamental Rights Is Approved for Presentation to E.U. Heads of State
Germany's First Private Law School Begins Classes
Government Commits to Seeking a Ban of the Extreme Right-Wing National Democratic Party of Germany (NPD)
Proposed Reform of Criminal Procedure Moves Ahead
German Industry Fails to Meet the Terms of the Forced Labor Settlement
Federal Constitutional Court Concedes the Applicability of European Community Law in the Banana Case
Federal Constitutional Court Reverses the Hate-Speech Conviction Of Journalist Who, For an Article About a Local Political Candidate, Penned the Headline: "Culture: A Jew?"
Proposed Reform of Civil Procedure
Former East German Leaders Take Their Criminal Convictions to the European Court of Human Rights
Ban on Benetton Shock Ads Argued Before Federal Constitutional Court
Federal Constitutional Court Hears Arguments in Asylum/Headscarf Case
Foundation Law for the Compensation of Forced Laborers Held to be Constitutional
European Commission Proposes New Rules to Implement EC Competition Law
LaGrand Brothers Case: Germany vs. the United States in the International Court of Justice, The