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German Law Journal Co-Editor, Dr. Peer Zumbansen, Leads Trans-Atlantic Seminar on Nazi Slave Labor Compensation at University of Frankfurt
Federal Constitutional Court Rejects Ban on Benetton Shock Ads: Free Expression, Fair Competition and the Opaque Boundaries Between Political Message and Social Moral Standards
From the Outside Looking In: The Jehovah's Witnesses' Struggle for Quasi-Public Status under Germany's Incorporation Law
As Germany Comes to Grip with its Own Mad-Cow Crisis, Where was the E.U.?
DaimlerChrysler Beats Trademark Speculators in Federal Court of Justice
German Corporate Law in Constitutional Perspective: The Squeeze-Out Reviewed
Federal Constitutional Court Affirms Ban of TV-Coverage of Court Proceedings
DNA-Analysis and the right to privacy: Federal Constitutional Court Clarifies Rules on the use of genetic fingerprints
Federal Court of Justice (BGH) hands down landmark judgment concerning the legal nature of private law corporations - Rechtsfahigkeit der GbR
Behind the Reports of Growing Tension Between France and Germany Lies the 1963 Cooperation Treaty Designed to Keep the Neighbors on Friendly Terms
Lords of Democracy: What the German Constitutional Court (in the Hessen Election Review Case) and the U.S. Supreme Court (in Bush vs. Gore) Are Telling Us About the State of Democracy
State Supreme Court Rejects Trademark Claim to the Name "Johann Sebastian Bach"
Federal Court of Justice (BGH) Draws Distinct Boundaries around Shareholders' Right to Disclosure Regarding a Change of a Corporate Statute
European Court of Human Rights Finds Violations of the European Human Rights Convention in German Pre-trial Detention Procedures
Constitutional Court Reaffirms Privacy of the Home in Search and Seizure Desicion
Domain-Name "" Found to Violate Competition Law
Court of First Instance of the European Communities Reverses Commission's Approval of the German Coal-Compromise Merger
Germany's Party Finance Scandal "Ends" With Kohl's Plea Bargain and Too Many Unanswered Questions
Federal Constitutional Court Affirms Horizontal Effect of Constitutional Rights in Private Law Relations and Voids a Marital Agreement on Constitutional Grounds
Victors' Justice: Court of Human Rights and the Conviction of East German Leaders
Schleswig-Holstein's State Constitutional Court and the Legacy of Harro Harring
German High Courts Confront Serbian War Crimes
Contracting in the Internet: German Contract Law and Internet Auctions
European Court of Justice Upholds German Electricity Pricing Scheme
Federal Court of Justice (BGH) Convicts Foreigner for Internet Posted Incitement to Racial Hatred
Federal Court of Justice Issues Fundamental Ruling on Agency Requirements in Consumer Credit Cases
Judicial Selection Controversy at the Federal Court of Justice
American's View of The Federal Constitutional Court: Karlsruhe's Justices, An
Federal Constitutional Court: Fifty Years of the Struggle for Gender Equality, The
Introduction to the Federal Constitutional Court, An
Present and Future Meaning of the State and the role of the Federal Constitutional Court - Interview, The
Celebrating the Milk Maid: What Federal Constitutional Court President Limbach Doesn't Tell Us About the Court Says It All
Certain Constitutional History of the Federal Republic of Germany, A
Liechtenstein Files Lawsuit in the I C J Against Germany In Respect Of Seized Property
Paving The Way For Cyberlaw: Two FCJ Decisions On Domain Names
Bit v. Bud: Fighting Over Names For Beer
Constitutional Law and the Jurisprudence of the European Court of Human Rights: An Attempt at a Synthesis
No Need To Be Italian: ECJ Hands Down Third Case Related To Nationality Requirements For Private Security Guards
Domesticating International Criminal Law: Germany's Proposed Volkerstrafgesetzbuch (International Law Criminal Code)
Merely a Landmark or a Change of Course: The Federal Constitutional Court Hears Arguments in the NATO Strategic Concept Case
Product Liability, Safety Instructions and 17 Years of Beer Drinking: Educating the Consumer
German Federal Constitutional Court At the Intersection of National and European Law: Two recent Decisions, The
In Celebration of its 50th Anniversary the Bundesverfassungsgericht Opens Its Doors for a Burgerfest on July 7, 2001
Towards an Understanding of the recent European Labour Market Reforms: A New Case Study in Comparative Capitalism
GE/Honeywell Merger Case: Reaching the Limits of International Competition Policymaking, The
International Court of Justice Rules in Favor of Germany and Against the United States in the LaGrand Case
Federal Constitutional Court To Decide Whether to Issue a Temporary Injunction Against Germany's New Lifetime Partnerships Law for Homosexual Couples
Reforming German Corporate Governance: Inside a Law Making Process of a Very New Nature Interview with Professor Dr. Theodor Baums
Federal Constitutional Court's Emergency Power to Intervene: Provisional Measures Pursuant to Article 32 of the Federal Constitutional Court Act, The
Federal Court of Justice and Expert Liability Towards Third Parties: Public Safeguard and Private Interest
Report on Germany by the European Commission against Racism and Intolerance (ECRI)
Federal Constitutional Court Does Not Issue Temporary Injunction to Block the Entry Into Force of the Lifetime Partnership Law
Federal Constitutional Court Issues Temporary Injunction in the NPD Party Ban Case
Is the Price Right: The European Competition Law Dispute over National Systems of Fixed Book Prices
Cutting-in On the Dance: The Federal Constitutional Court Rejects a Motion for a Temporary Injunction from Berlin's Love Parade
Expansion of Closer Cooperation as Contra-Indication to the Idea of European Integration: A Critique of Joschka Fischer's Speech and Giuliano Amato's Comment Thereon
European Constitutional Treaty: The Blueprint for the European Union, A
Habermas and the Preservation of European Modernity: Defining the Challenge For a European Constitution
Comment to Prof. Dr. Dr. Di Fabio' Speech
Notes on Dehousse's Discussion of Method: The Return of the European Federalism/Functionalism Debate
Euro is Forcing the Realization of Political Union - and Perhaps a New Community, The
Much Ado about Amsterdam: CDU-CSU Politics, Lander Influence and EU Treaty Reform
Federal Constitutional Court, Every Human Matters - Comments on the Occasion of the Terrorist Attacks in America
Constitutional Control Of Marital Agreements II: The FCC Affirms Its Path-Breaking Decision
BOOK REVIEW - The Constitutional Meaning of Reconstruction and Reunification
European Court of Human Rights Rules in the On-going Dispute Between Liechtenstein and Germany
European Integration in Context: Lessons in Political Organization
Much Ado about Amsterdam: CDU-CSU Politics, Lander Influence and EU Treaty Reform
State and Future of the European Constitution - Improvement or Radical Reform
Is there Still a Chance of Revitalizing the United Nations Security Council
Apprenticeship Of Ariel Sharon, The
Framing the Debate over the German Immigration Bill: Toward Reasoned Policymaking
Watershed or Phoenix From The Ashes? - Speculations On The Future Of International Law After The September 11 Attacks
September 11 And Its Aftermath - A Moment For Self-Critique
Russia and the 'Counter-Terrorism' Campaign
First European Jurists Forum Held in Nuremberg
Long Road to Peace: The Waking of A Dream, A
More Victims of the New Economy: Ad Hoc-Publicity and Protection of Shareholders
Letter to the Editors
Does Infinite Justice lead to enduring War
Lex Mercatoria: A Reflexive Law Guide To An Autonomous Legal System
Discovery of technological law in the digital Bukovina: Lawrence Lessig's Code and other Laws of Cyberspace, The
Federal Constitutional Court To Review NPD Party Ban Motion
Outrageous Hunters: Does Headhunting Violate Business Standards, The
Surfer's Paradise: What the Law Says About Personal Internet Use During Working Hours
EU Governance : Is there a useful role for National Parliaments
Lack of Language - Waging War or Combatting Crime? The Blurred Rule of International Law in the Face of the Attacks of September 11, 2001, A
Karlsruhe Republic - Keynote Address at the State Ceremony Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Federal Constitutional Court, The
Chamber of the Federal Constitutional Court Endorses Private Dentists' Information Service and Directory Within the Framework of the Right to Occupational Freedom, A
Constitutional Significance of the Charter of Fundamental Rights, The
Patently Unsatisfactory?: Community Legislative Competence and the ECJ Biotech Decision
Do Courts Have to Show Deference: Notes on Paul Craig's View on the HRA
Range of Social Human Rights, The
European Company Law: Comments and Meta-comments on Centros
EUI turns 25: Foundation and Research, The
Speech of EUI President Patrick Masterson at the Academic Session of the European University Institute in Florence, November 7, 2001
Speech of In-coming EUI President Yves Meny at the Academic Session of the European University Institute in Florence, November 7, 2001
Letter by the President of the European Council and Belgian Prime Minister, Guy Verhofstadt
Speech of Jesse Scott at the Academic Session of the European University Institute in Florence