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Quo vadis Democratic Control? The Afghanistan Decision of the Bundestag and the Decision of the Federal Constitutional Court in the NATO Strategic Concept Case
Liability Within Corporate Groups (Bremer Vulkan) - Federal Court of Justice Attempts the Overhaul
European Commission's White Paper on European Governance: The Uneasy Relationship Between Public Participation and Democracy, The
Immoral Law, Illegal Morals? NS Forced Labor Compensation and the Law
Desire for Public Safety and How Judge Merciless Became a State Senator, The
Constitutional Court's "Traditional Slaughter" Decision: The Muslims' Freedom of Faith and Germany's Freedom of Conscience, The
Comparative Dispute Management: Court-connected Mediation in Japan and Germany
World Bank, IMF and Human Rights: Conference held at Tilburg University, 11-13 October, 2001
Putting the Consumer First?: The Varying Objectives of German and European Competition Policy
Grand Chamber of the European Court of Human Rights Finds Yugoslavian Bombing Victims' Application Against NATO Member States Inadmissible
Essay: The Integrative Function of a European Constitution(Discussion of Chr. Dorau: Die Verfassungsfrage der Europaischen Union)
Coming of the EURO: Letters from Italy, Germany and England, The
Constitutional Standards, Working Time and Pharmacy Opening Hours: The FCC's Message to Managers and Law Makers
German Draft Legislation On the Prevention of Discrimination in the Private Sector, The
ICJ Judgement on the Belgium v. Congo Case (14 February 2002): a Cautious Stand on Immunity from Prosecution for International Crimes
Essay: What Constitution for Europe. Can a Gathering of Assorted Musicians Create a Harmony
Loyalty in the European Union. A review
Opinion: Guantanamo Is Not the Problem
Constitutional Politics In Germany
Kernkraftwerk Biblis-A Decision of the Federal Constitutional Court: The Division of Administrative Powers Between the German Federation and the Lander, The
Comparison of Civil Liability for Defective Products in the United Kingdom and Germany, A
Blaue Brief: A Case Study in the Nature of Law and Sanctions, Der
Family Matters: European Court of Human Rights Finds German Parenting Rights Decisions to be in Violation of Article 8 of the Convention
Can New Issues Be Raised Without Discussion Of The Old - A Review of Stephan Hobe (ed.), Kooperation oder Konkurrenz internationaler Organisationen
Response to Frederic Megret: Guantanamo is not the Problem (3 German L.J. No. 3 - 1 March 2002), A
Economic Law of the European Union revisited. A review of BERNHARD NAGEL - Economic Law of the European Union
Dodging the Draft: Federal Constitutional Court Evades Review of Germany's Military Service Law
German Proposal of an Anti-Discrimination-Law: Anticonstitutional and Anti-Common Sense - A Response to Nicola Vennemann, The
Division of powers between the EU and the Member States with regard to deliberate release of GMOs (the new Directive 2001/18), The
Review: Janko Ferk, Recht ist ein Prozess - Uber Kafkas Rechtsphilosophie (1999)
American Law Introductory Courses 2001
Germany Inc. Eroding? - Board Structure, CEO and Rhenish Capitalism
Calibrating Liberty and Security: Federal Constitutional Court Rules on Freedom of Speech in PKK Case
Planned German Anti-Discrimination Act: Legal Vandalism - A Response to Karl-Heinz Ladeur, The
After Pinochet: Foreign Sovereign Immunity in Respect of Serious Human Rights Violations - The Decision of the European Court of Human Rights in the Al-Adsani Case
Legacy of Federal Constitutional Court President Jutta Limbach, The
Unique Combination of Theory and Practice: Institute for Law and Finance offers LL.M. (Finance) in Frankfurt
1st Advanced Academy on International Studies in Human Rights and Humanitarian Law on Robben Island, Cape Town (S.A.), The
Anti-Extremism, Negative Republicanism, Civic Society: Three Paradigms for Banning Political Parties - Part I
News of Atypical Work in Germany: Recent developments as to fixed-term contracts, temporary and part-time work
Facilitating Private Applicants' Access to the European Courts - On the Possible Impact of the CFI's Ruling in Jego-Quere
Identity Controversies Before the European Court of Human Rights: How to Avoid the Essentialist Trap
Appeal Procedure before the European Court of Justice Under the Looking Glass: A review of Corinna Bolhoff, The Appeal Procedure before the European Court of Justice, The
Anti-Extremism, Negative Republicanism, Civic Society: Three Paradigms for Banning Political Parties - Part II
Turn of the Tide: The Golden Share Judgements of the European Court of Justice and the Liberalization of the European Capital Markets
Kicking the ball into the Member States' field: the Court's response to Jego-Quere (Case C-50/00 P Union de Pequenos Agricultores, Judgment of 25 July 2002)
Common European Approach, International Trends, and the Evolution of Human Rights Law - A Comment on Goodwin and I v. the United Kingdom, The
African Union replaces Organization of African Unity
Human Rights Summer Course at the EUI in Florence, The
Constitutional Court Upholds Lifetime Partnership Act
Limits of Eclecticism in Consumer Law: National Struggles and the Hope for a coherent European Contract Law - A Comment on the ECJ's and the FCJ's Heininger- decisions
Is it grossly unfair if a husband has to pay maintenance to his separated wife who has a close relationship with a homosexual man - (Judgment of the Federal Court of Justice of 20 March 2002)
What judicial treatment for the Guantanamo detainees
Security versus Liberty: Striking the Right Balance. A Comparison of Anti-Terror Provisions in India and the United States
Review: Ken Booth & Tim Dunne, Worlds in Collision: Terror and the Future of Global Order
Protego et obligo. Afghanistan and the paradox of sovereignty
ESSAY: Postnationalism, (Dis)organised civil society and Democracy in the European Union: Is Constitutionalism Part of the Solution or Part of the Problem
DOES GERMAN LAW STILL MATTER? A Few Remarks about the Relevance of Foreign Law in General and German Law in Particular in South African Legal Development with Regard to the Issue of Constructive Expropriation
Rogue States - State Sponsors of Terrorism
Culture of constitution-making? Listening at the Convention on the Future of Europe, The
International Law, Democratic Governance and September the 11th
Right of Self-Defence and The War on Terrorism One Year after September 11
Federal Constitutional Court Defines the Power of Parliamentary Minorities in the Constitutionally Established, Parliamentary Investigative Committees
Megalomania of a Political Party: The FDP Loses before the Federal Constitutional Court and then Loses the Election, The
Child Protection in Europe: Different Systems - Common Challenges
Death, Dignity and Discrimination: The Case of Pretty v. United Kingdom
Precautionary Principle: New Developments in the Case Law of the Court of First Instance
International Criminal Law Has Lost Its Innocence
Book Review - Kelsen's Highest Moral Ideal
Book Review -- Like Blind Men Feeling an Elephant: Scholars' Ongoing Attempts to Ascertain the Role of Non-State Actors in International Law
Report - 13th Conference of the Society of Postgraduate Civil Law Researchers, Heidelberg, September 4th-7th, 2002
Rethinking the Doctrinal System of Fundamental Rights: New Decisions of the Federal Constitutional Court
Another Test in Proceduralizing Democracy: The Oral Proceedings in the NPD Party Ban Case before the Federal Constitutional Court
Corporate Governance and the Role of Investment Funds
Essay - Episode or Epoch? Transatlantic Relations and Europe's Role in the New American Foreign Policy
Book Review - The Protection of Legitimate Expectations in German Constitutional Law and in EC Law
Book Review - John Rawls on International Justice
Iraq and the Serious Consequences of Word Games: Language, Violence and Responsibility in the Security Council
Non-Execution Clause in the Relationship between the European Union (EU) and the African, Carribean and Pacific States (ACP), The
Adoption of the Schengen and the Justice and Home Affairs Acquis: Two Stumbling Blocks on the Way to Successful Enlargement, The
Treatment of Hate Speech in German Constitutional Law (Part I), The
Between Law and Necessity: The Federal Constitutional Court Confirms the Right of the Federal Government to Warn the Public (In Reply to Marion Albers)
End of the Real Seat Theory (Sitztheorie): the European Court of Justice Decision in Ueberseering of 5 November 2002 and its Impact on German and European Company Law, The
Risk of Reverse Convertible Bonds: German Capital Market Law and Investor Protection, The
Harmonization, Regulation and Legislative Competition in European Corporate Law
Book Review - Paul Wilkinson's Terrorism Versus Democracy: The Liberal State Response
Book Review - Kerstin Freudiger's Die juristische Aufarbeitung von NS-Verbrechen (Nazi Crimes Before The Courts)
Review Essay - Some Remarks on the Constitutionalisation of Cyberspace
Comment: If I had a Hammer - A Review of Robert Kagan's Power and Weakness
FCC Suspends Hearing in NPD Party Ban Case