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Full Text: Vols. 119-132#7 (2005-2019) Online Companion to the Harvard Law Review
Publisher: Harvard Law Review Association
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ISSN: 0017-811X
Frequency: 8

Additional Information for Harvard Law Review Forum
The Forum is an online extension of our printed pages that is intended for more robust scholarly discussion of our Articles, as well as for more timely discussions of developments in the law.

The Forum publishes Responses and Reactions. Responses are short scholarly commentaries on our print Articles. It has been our experience that Responses often add a great deal of value to the Articles themselves, as well as to the Review as a whole. The Forum may feature multiple Responses to each Article in the Review. Reactions are timely and very short commentaries on recent developments in the law. These pieces employ a more informal style and a minimal use of citations.


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