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Volume 77

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Self-Defence against Non-State Actors: Impulses from the Max Planch Trialogues on the Law of Peace and War
Die Vorlaufige Anwendung Volkerrechtlicker Vertrage im Internationalen Mehrebenensystem
From the Justice and Peace Law to the Revised Peace Agreement between the Colombian Government and the FARC: Will victims' Rights Be Satisfied at Last
The ICJ Whaling Case: Missed Opportunity to Advance the Rule of Law in Resolving Science-Related Disputes in Global Commons
Law as a Linguistic Instrument without Truth Content
Europaisierung des Nationalen Verwaltungs-Rechts - Eine Rechtsvergleichende Annaherung
Human Rights: From San Francisco to the Hague
Symposium in Honour of Christian Tomuschat
Effectiveness and Legitimacy in International Law Heidelberg: Concluding Observations
Transformative Effects of the Aarhus Convention in Europe
Legitimacy of International Environmental Law: The Sovereign States Overwhelmed by Obligations: Responsibility to React to Problems beyond National Jurisdiction
Daedalus or Icarus: Footprints of International Criminal Justice over a Quarter of a Century
Colonial Injustices and the Law of State Responsibility: The CARICOM Claim to Compensate Slavery and (Native) Genocide
On the Power of a State to Waive Reparation Claims Arising from War Crimes and Crimes against Humanity
Volkerrechtliche Praxis der bundesrepublik Deutschland im Jahr 2012
Zum Tode von Botschafter Prof. Dr. Tono Eitel 1933-2017
The Italian Court through the Looking-Glass: A Dialogue between Constitutional Justices
The Architecture of the Strasbourg System of Human Rights: The Crucial Role of the Domestic Level and Constitutional Courts in Particular
Allies and Counterbalances: Constitutional Courts and the European Court of Human Rights: A Comparative Perspective
Constitutional Courts and (Non)Execution of Judgments of the European Court of Human Rights: A Comparison of Cases from Russia and Lithuania
The Italian Way: A Blend of Cooperation and Hubris
A Holistic View of the Czech Constitutional Court Approach to the ECtHR's Case Law: On the Importance of Individual Justices
Motion and Rest: International Law's Responsiveness towards Terrorism, Mass Surveillance, and Self-Defence
(New) Cyber Exploitation and (Old) International Humanitarian Law
Carl Schmitts Schrift Die Lage der Europaisc hen Rechtswissenschaft
Das Offentliche im Volkerrecht im Lichte von Schmitts Begriff des Politischen: Zugleich ein Beitrag zur Theoriebildung im Offentichen Recht
The Systemic Relevance of Judicial Decisions in Article 38 of the ICY Statute
China and CAT: From Implementation Issues to Institutional Analyses
Bericht zur Volkerrechtlichen Praxis der Bundesrepublik Deutschland im Jahr 2013