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Journal of Food Law and Policy

Full Text: Vols. 1-15#1 (2005-2019)
Publisher: University of Arkansas School of Law - Fayetteville
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Additional Information for Journal of Food Law and Policy
The Journal of Food Law & Policy is the first student-edited legal journal in the country devoted to the study of food law and its impact on society. Published in July 2005, the inaugural issue of the Journal features several prestigious authors, including renowned food law expert, Peter Barton Hutt and agricultural law scholar Neil Hamilton. Now well established and available on Westlaw, the Journal features articles on food safety and labeling, consumer interest in food policy, international food safety laws and regulations, the legal effects of food technology, traceability issues, and a wide variety of other dynamic issues affecting food law and policy. Included in each issue are food law updates from the United States and from Europe, with Spring issues including Canadian food law updates as well.


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