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Journal of Gender, Race & Justice

Full Text: Vols. 1-21#1 (1997-2017)
Publisher: University of Iowa College of Law
Publication Website:
ISSN: 1550-7815
Frequency: 2

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The Journal of Gender, Race & Justice published its first issue in the fall of 1997, and is not a journal for the weak of heart or the timid of spirit. Feminist inquiry and critical race analysis are the touchstones of our endeavor. Our building blocks are new forms of analysis which reach beyond traditional conceptions of legal thought. We challenge our writers, readers, ourselves, to question who we are and how the law defines us. We strive to be a transformative experience. In a spirit of openness, we explore how we are classified, stratified, ignored and singled out under the law because of our race, sex, gender, economic class, ability, sexual identity and the multitude of labels applied to us. Identity is a matrix of experiences; when the law fails to recognize any one facet of our identity, both the law and the person lose a valuable dimension. Our challenge is to examine how we negotiate our identities, how the legal system negotiates them for us, and how those negotiations affect our ability to attain justice.


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