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Journal of Race, Gender and Poverty

Full Text: Vols. 1-10 (2009-2019)
Publisher: Southern University Law Center
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Frequency: 1

Additional Information for Journal of Race, Gender and Poverty
The purpose of the Journal is to supplement the student-writing opportunities at the Law Center while currently providing an outlet for those students wishing to think and write on topics alternative to those which are embraced by mainstream society.

The Journal thrives on the discussion of the taboo - indicating, those subjects that remain relevant in society but fail to receive adequate coverage in mainstream law journals. The Journal strives for a membership as diverse as its title; a title derived from an attempt to be as inclusive as possible in its subject matter while always embracing the background and interests of an ever-diversifying student body. The Journal plans to provoke critical thought, discussion, enlighten the community, and most of all, serve as a reminder of the world's persistent injustices while encouraging the community to take a stand against those injustices.


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