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Legal Aspects of Electronic Government in Pacific Island Countries: A Reflection, The
South Pacific Computer Law: Promoting E-Commerce in Vanuatu and Fighting Cyber-Crime in Tonga
Reconciliation and the Criminal Process in the Solomon Islands
Worker's Compensation Legislation in Vanuatu
Judicial Responses to Illegal Fishing Prosecutions in Fiji
There are Neighbours and then there are Neighbours: When Should a Judge not Judge the Police for not Policing? AG v TIO and TIO v Beengo et al
Customary Law and Received Law in the Federated States of Micronesia
Transforming Legal Practices in Court and Beyond: The Third International Conference on Therapeutic Jurisprudence, Perth, Australia, 7-9 June 2006
Satish Chand (Ed.) Pacific Islands Regional Integration and Governance (2005)
Termination of Employment by Payment of Wages in Lieu of Notice: Taake v Broadcasting and Publications Authority
Alfred John H. v The State: A Comment
Customary Reconciliation in Sentencing for Sexual Offences: A Review of Public Prosecutor v Ben and Others and Public Prosecutor v Tarilingi and Gamma
Review of Shailend Shandil and Another v Air Fiji Limited, A
Admiralty Jurisdiction and Vessel Arrests in Fiji
Protection of the Interests of Indigenous Fijians in the Senate and Ethnically-based Electoral System of Fiji: Examples of Racial Discrimination?, The
Regulation of ‘Customary’ Entitlements by Statute Law: a perspective from Aotearoa New Zealand on the Customary Fisheries [Qoliqoli] Bill, The
Queensland’s Indigenous Cultural Heritage Legislation: A Critique
Does not need to - discretionary power or non discretionary exemption?: DPP v Ayamiseba [2006] VUSC 2; [2006] VUCA 21
Harmonious Decision: Lobo v. Limanilove [2002] SBHC 110, A
Legality of Customary Land Disputes in Vanuatu: Valele Family v. Touru [2002] VUCA 3, The
Conference Report: Ronald Coase Institute Workshop on Institutional Analysis 16 - 21/9/06; International Society for New Institutional Economics Conference 22 - 24/9/06;Thinking and Doing Conference 25 - 26/9/06