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Accessing Rights and Protections under the HIV/AIDS Management and Prevention Act in Papua New Guinea: Making a case for granting a limited jurisdiction to the Village Courts
Costs and Benefits of Adopting and Implementing New International Standards for the Operation and Regulation of the International Financial Services Sector in Vanuatu
Correction to an Article by Miranda Forsyth in the Journal of South Pacific Law
Future of Law in the South Pacific, The
Who are the Indigenous Peoples of Canada and New Zealand
Resistance of the New Zealand Legal System to Recognition of Maori Customary Law, The
Issues with Land Reform in Vanuatu
Racial Discrimination in Fiji
Restricting the Freedom of Movement in Vanuatu: Custom in conflict with human Rights
Discretion in the New Zealand Criminal Justice System: The position of Maori and Pacific Islanders
Customary Reconciliation in Sentencing for Sexual Offences in Vanuatu
Should Prostitution be Decriminalized in the Pacific? The Pros and Cons
Maori Right to Own and Manage National Parks, A
Ratu Epeli Kanakana v AG for Fiji The Suvavou Case: Blending equitable relief with judicial review
Goodhew v Goodhew 2007 SBHC 140: Towards a South Pacific jurisprudence
Ifira Trustees Ltd v Family Kalsakau 2006 VUCA 23; Vanuatu Copra and Cocoa Exporters Ltd v Maison De Vanuatu 2007 VUCA 24: Two instructive cases for ministers of government, their political advisers, and public servants
Kalotiti v Kaltapang 2007 VUCA 25 & Ratua Development Ltd v Mathew Ndai and Others 2007 VUCA 23: Two disturbing customary land cases
Mariango v Nalau 2007 VUCA 15: Compensation for contributions to property by de facto partners
Making Sense of an Imposed Industrial Relations System in Papua New Guinea: A review of literature
This is a Court of Law, Not a Court of Morality: Kastom and custom in Vanuatu state courts
Review of Foundations of Human Sociality: Economic experiments and ethnographic evidence from fifteen small-scale societies
Delays in the Criminal Justice System of Vanuatu
More on Customary Reconciliation Ceremonies in Sentencing for Criminal Offences