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Volume 2016

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Charles Guy Powles - 24 March 1934 - 19 July 2016
Samoa - Notes toward Half a Public Law History (1970s-1945)
How Legal Education Has Changed in Guy's Lifetime
Family Law in Fiji - The Long March to Reform
Personal Reminiscences of Prof. Guy Powles
Constitutional and Political Reform in the Kingdom of Tonga: New Wine in Old Bottles
The Implications of Applying the Torrens System to Samoan Customary Lands: Alienation through the LTRA 2008
The Changing Face of Samoan Custom
Remembering Guy Powles; As Constitutional Review Commissioner, Mentor, and Friend
Tokelau Judicial Activity
Charles Guy Powles - Lawyer, Teacher, Friend
The Guy Powles' Minimum Standards Framework
A Gentleman and a Scholar
Dr. C. Guy Powles and the Legacy of His Gifts to Samoa
Dr. Guy Powles - Pacific Law Expert and Pioneer of Antipodean Clinical Legal Education
Promoting Sustainable Development in Small Island Developing States by Innovative Capital Raising Solutions: Case Study of Fiji
The Challenges of Legal Pluralism in the Cook Islands and beyond: An Insight from Hunt and Tupou & Ors v Miguel, Cook Islands Court of Appeal, 19 February 2016
The Case for an Insolvency Law
Abuse of Court Process: A Study of How Vanuatu Court of Appeal Has Addressed Abuse of Court Process over Two Decades
Melanesian Coups and Melanesian Courts, 1990-2009: Part I: No Exit in Vanuatu and the Solomon Islands
Further Chronicle Relating to Bribery Cases, 2016
Changing Tides - A South Pacific Study
Law and Promoting Human Rights for Women and Girls. A Paper Delivered at the Vanuatu Women's Peace Table, 21 October 2016, Port Vila, Vanuatu
The Constitutionality of Land Dealings in Vanuatu. A Paper Presented at the Meeting of the Australasian Law Teachers Association, Victoria University of Wellington, 7-9 July
Succession to Land in the Matrilineal Culture and Current Developments: A Paper Presented at the Law and Culture Conference, Victoria University of Wellington, 7-9 July 2016
Namah v Pato [2016] PGSC 13; SC1497 (26 April 2016): Unconstitutionality of Transfer and Detention of Asylum Seekers from Australia to Papua New Guinea