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Volume 3

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Growth of the Ombudsman Concept
Customary Law in the Pacific: An Endangered Species
Legal Theory in Melanesia: Pluralism? Dualism? Pluralism long Dualism?
Restorative Justice and the New Zealand Court of Appeal's Decision in the Clotworthy Case
Human Rights Education in the Pacific
Public Unit Trusts: Some Regulative Models
Island Courts in Vanuatu
Money Laundering & the Law in the Republics of Fiji and Vanuatu
Mutual Wills and Contracts not to Revoke - The Case of Voluntary and Involuntary Revocation
Control and Protection of Native Lands in Fiji, The
Woodford, W.L. & Mills, A.D.Questions in Company Accounting (7th Ed) Butterworths: Australia (1998)
Weerasooria, W.S. Bank Lending and Securities in Australia Butterworths: Australia (1997)
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Larmour, P. Governance and Reform in the South Pacific National Centre for Development Studies, ANU: Canberra (1998)
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Spegel, Rogers & Buckley Negotiation Theory and Techniques Butterworths: Australia (1998)
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Scutt, J. The Incredible Woman: Power and Sexual Politics Vol.s 1 & 2 Artemis Publishing: (1997)
Kasi v Sekevolomo High Court of Solomon Islands, Land Appeal Case 10 of 1996, 29th September 1998
In the Matter of the Estate of Victor Eoaeo, deceased, High Court of Solomon Islands, Civil Case No 29 of 1997, Reported at University of the South Pacific, School of Law, Pacific Law Materials, High Court of Solomon Islands
Solomon Islands Plantation Ltd. v Commissioner of Inland Revenue Civil Case No 187 of 1997, High Court of Solomon Islands, unreported, 17th August 1998
John To’ofilu v Oimae Unreported, High Court, Solomon Islands, CAC 5/96, 19 June 1997. Refund of bride price; customary duty to disclose pre-existing pregnancy; proof of customary law
John Unufana'adalo v Renaldo Walesua and Alphius Samosia Land Appeal Case #4 of 1995, High Court of Solomon Islands Natural justice - bias - res judicata - precedent
Air Transport Limited v Island Construction Management Ltd, unreported, Court of Appeal, Solomon Islands, CAC 1/1999, 4 June 1999 Frustration - Law Reform (Frustrated Contracts) Act 1943 (UK) - repudiation by conduct - misrepresentation
Barrett and Sinclair v. McCormack Appeal Case #9 of 1998, Court of Appeal, Vanuatu, April 21-23 1999, September 27-29, 1999 Dishonest handling of trust moneys - breach of constructive trust - the duty of nominee directors to make enquiries