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Volume 4

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Status of Customary Law in Fiji Islands After the Constitutional Amendment Act 1997, The
Language of Land: Look Before You Leap, The
Legislation and Pesticide Control in the South Pacific
Legal Challenges for Small Jurisdictions in relation to Privacy, Freedom of Information and Access to Justice
Magnified Features: The Underdevelopment of Law and Legitimation
Muslim Asian Women and Customary Law in Britain
Slaving in Australian Courts: Blackbirding Cases, 1869-1871
Towards a Pragmatic Approach to the Contract or Tort Debate in the South Pacific
Foreign Investment in the Solomon Islands: A Legal Analysis
E-Commerce in Vanuatu: Can Contract Law Accommodate for New Technology?
Insider Trading in the Fiji Islands: A Critical Analysis
Application of the Human Rights Conventions in the Pacific Islands Courts
Custom in Legislative Drafting
Finnane, M. Punishment in Australian Society
Duncan, K. & Irvine, J. Company Accounting Procedures
Steinwall, R. Annotated Trade Practices Act 1974
Philips, S. Ideology in the Language of Judges
Eekelaar, J. & Nhlapo, T. The Changing Family - Family Forms & Family Law
Hughes, R. Succession Law in the South Pacific
Fulcher, P. Fiji Income Tax Law
Dinnen, S. & Ley, A. (Eds) Reflections on Violence in Melanesia
Corrin Care, J., Newton Cain, T. & Paterson, D. Introduction to South Pacific Law
Steinwall, R. (Ed.) 25 Years of Australian Competition Law
Auspacific Construction Co Pty Ltd v Attorney-General on behalf of the Government of Kiribati, unreported, Court of Appeal of Kiribati, Civil Appeal No. 1 of 1996, 25 March 1997
ANZ (Vanuatu) Ltd v Gougeon & Others, unreported, Court of Appeal of Vanuatu, Civil Appeal No. 6 of 1998, 28 September 1999