Kathmandu School of Law Review

Full Text: Vols. 1-5 (2012-2017)
Publisher: Kathmandu School of Law
Publication Website: http://ksl.edu.np/kathmandu-school-of-law-review
Frequency: 1

Additional Information for Kathmandu School of Law Review
Kathmandu School of Law Review is the flagship journal of Kathmandu School of Law. It was established in 2012, by a team of students and faculties of KSL. It is biannual and seeks to publish a general and a special issue, every year. Our journals imbibe contents with expansive subject matters that are either legal or socio-legal in nature.

Source: http://ksl.edu.np/kathmandu-school-of-law-review

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5 (2017)
4 (2014)
3 (2013)
2 (2013)
1 (2012)