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Volume 2003

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Investing in Hong Kong and Mainland China
Lifting the veil of mystery: freedom of speech under parliamentary privilege
Reform of parliamentary privilege
Sir Gerard Brennan – the principled judge
The High Court and the constitutionalism of electoral law
Sentencing principles in the High Court and the PSA
Aiding suicide: a modern moral dilemma
Access to justice: Lawyers' costs when acting pro bono in public interest litigation
Law in society: The corporate governance debate
Finders keepers losers weepers?
Delivery fee not included: What constitutes "price" in cyberspace?
Good as new? Beer, brand names and Section 52
Where's the beef (from)?: Misleading and deceptive advertising as to source of product
Intellectual property and the idea of progress
Registered Geographical Indications : Between Intellectual Property and Rural Policy – Part I
Registered Geographical Indications Between Intellectual Property and Rural Policy—Part II
Striking a balance between protecting commercial reputation and promoting competition
Arbitral Decision Making in Family Property Disputes - Lotteries, Crystal Balls, and Wild Guesses
Legal presumption that children spend equal time with separated parents in Australia: A flawed reform proposal?
Obligation to Advise of Options for Treatment – Medical Doctors and Complementary and Alternative Medicine Practitioners
Statutory amendments to civil liability of professionals including medical doctors
The next chapter in the story of native title
Why, how and what to practice: Integrating skills teaching and learning in the undergraduate law curriculum