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Volume 2006

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Mediation and Other ADR Processes
Iraq's sovereign debt and its curious global implications
Minimum wage laws and wage regulation: Do changes to a minimum wage affect employment levels?
Australian federalism: crunch time?
Egan v Willis and Egan v Chadwick: The triumph of responsible government
Lord Atkin: his Queensland Origins and Legacy
The Constitutional Systems of the Australian States and Territories
The Ethical Standards of Politicians
Fairness and equality in the criminal process
Novel strategies to overcome barriers to commercialisation of new technologies: a case study from the Australian biotechnology industry
Offshore Exploration and Production, Policy and the Offshore Petroleum Act - Whither Now?
Resisting a hostile takeover: the Lion Nathan bid for Coopers Brewery
Drug advertisements: A prescription for misleading and deceptive conduct?
Borders on, or border around – the future of the Internet
The legal implications of geo-identification
The not so 'borderless' internet: Does it still give rise to private international law issues?
The relation between public international law and private international law in the internet context
Intellectual property
Arbitral decision making in family property disputes - lotteries, crystal balls, and wild guesses
Bargaining in the Shadow of the Tribe
Collaborative lawyering - some preliminary thoughts for Australia
Crossing the Last Gap
Dobermans and diplomats: seventeen strategies for re-opening hopelessly deadlocked negotiations
Dueling Experts
Formal Legal Education: A Few Lessons From The Past, Useful For The Future
A Lasting Agreement
Regulation of complementary and alternative medicine: An international perspective
Regulation of complementary and alternative medicine practitioners
China's Urban Health Care Reform: From State Protection to Individual Responsibility