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Volume 2008

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The law of globalisation
Mediation: Skills and techniques
Challenges to multilateral trade: The impact of bilateral, preferential and regional agreements
The student as apprentice: Bridging the gap between education, skills and practice
Abolition and restoration of a Legislative Council: Queensland and the other states
The blindness of the eye-witness
The (almost) redundant civil accessorial liability provisions of the Trade Practices Act
Corporate governance: Theories, principles and practice
The codification of commercial law
The corporate governance of SMEs and unlisted companies
Internet and e-commerce law
Life-long learning for reforming law, refining lawyers, refreshing education
Oil and politics apparently do mix: The role of multinational resource corporations in national sovereignty
Achieving the purpose of IPA- A case of hit and miss
Preserving due process or warehousing the undesirables: To what end the separation of judicial power of the Commonwealth?
Conditions for effective disclosure in the regulation of franchising
Reconceiving the regulation of the franchise sector
Balance of power, certainty and discretion in the franchise relationship: An analysis of contractual terms
Effective disclosure in the regulation of franchising
Using the statements of co-accused
Codifying Australia's contract law: Time for a stocktake in the common law factory
From the airport to the surgery to the courtroom: Private international law and medical tourism
How does the accuracy of geo-location technologies affect the law?
The times they are a-changin' (every six months)-- The challenges of regulating developing technologies
Mandatory sentences in South Africa: Lessons for Australia?
Defining “success” in negotiation and other dispute resolution training
Judicial decision-making in Australia – critique and redemption
Persuasion in negotiation and mediation
Intervention methods and processes