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Volume 2011

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Energy Charter Treaty as a Means of Developing National Industry and Commerce in the Exploitation of Petroleum Resources: An Analysis of the Application of Articles 5, 10 and 22 of the Energy Charter Treaty
Unfair Contract Terms and Land Transactions
Sharpening the Blue Pencil in Australian Consumer Law: The Striking out of Unfair Contract Terms in Land Transactions
Reactive and Pre-emptive Use of Anti-dumping Measures in the Post-quota Textiles & Clothing Trade
Judicial Mediation, the Judicial Process and Ch III of the Constitution
Australian Offshore Petroleum Regulation after the Varanus Island Explosion and the Montara Blowout – Drowning in a Sea of Federalism
Better Coal Seam Gas Regulation Needed to Keep Australia Safe
Concepts and Overview
Food or Fuel: How will Governments Solve the Coal Seam Gas Dilemma
National Water Commission Calls for Closer Look at Fracking
Regulation of Shale, Coal Seam and Tight Gas Activities in Western Australia: An Analysis of the Capacity of the Petroleum and Geothermal Act 1967 (WA) to Regulate Onshore Gas Activities in Western Australia
Conflict of Laws
Offshore Petroleum Facility Integrity in Australia and the United Kingdom: A Comparative Study of Two Countries Utilising the Safety Case Regime
Inspiring or Undermining Confidence - Amendments to the Right to Judge Alone Trials in the ACT
Twelve Angry Peers or One Angry Judge: An Analysis of Judge alone Trials in Australia
Ong on Equity
Institutional Integrity Principle: Where are We Now and Where are We Headed, The
Fundamental Policy Considerations for the Regulation of Internet Cross-border Privacy Issues
Systeme Politico-juridique Australien (The Australian Legal System), Le
Legal Translation
Review of the Book Imposing Peace and Prosperity: Australia, Social Justice and Labour Reform in Occupied Japan by C. De Matos
Ill-Gotten Contracts in New Zealand: Parting Thoughts on Duress, Undue Influence and Unconscionable Dealing - Kiwi-Style
Director's Duties of Care: Issues of Classification, Solvency and Business Judgment and the Dangers of Legal Transplants
Regulating Tobacco Flavours: Implications of WTO Law
Medical Merchants: Conflict of Interest, Office Product Sales and Notifiable Conduct
Sexting and the Law - 15 Minutes of Fame, and a Lifetime of Shame
Teaching and Learning Workshop for Coaches at Mediation Courses
Learning through Writing: Reconceptualizing the Research Supervision
Fighting Identity Crime
Crime Fighters and Border Guards: The Scottish Law Officers in Comparative Perspective
Attorney-General of Pakistan - A Brief Overview
Solicitor-General in Context: A Tri-Jurisdictional Study, The
Concussion Policies of the National Football League: Revisiting the Sport Administrator's Charter and the Role of the Australian Football League and National Rugby League in Concussion Management
Institutional Dichotomies: The Solicitor-General in Sri Lanka
Making Multi-Disciplinary Teaching Work: A Reflective Analysis of Teaching Legal COntent to Multi-Disciplinary Learners
Oils Ain't Oils: Product Labelling, Palm Oil and the WTO
Truisms about the Australian Publishing Climate for Law Journal Articles, and Some Strategies to Cope; or a Feminist Perspective on the Human Rights of Vegetarian Child-Soldiers in Outerspace