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Volume 39

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Recent Developments in Criminal Law
Crime of Counseling Criminal Offences, The
How Criminal Records and Police Reports can Ruin Your Travel Plans
Absolute and Conditional Discharges in Canadian Criminal Law
Basic Facts in Federal Corrections
Canadian Regulation of Contests, Prizes and Games
Is Good Luck Taxable
Turning a Loss into a Win
Viewpoint 39-1: Like Hockey, Court's Mr. Big Decision Clarifies the Rule Book and the Code
Prostitution Law in Canada: Will the Charter Dialogue Continue
U.K. Case Potentially Positive Step in Recognizing Human Rights Work as Charitable
How Is Property Divided at the End of a Relationship
What, Why and Where: Untangling Jurisdiction in Family Law
Regulation of Employment Agencies
What Is an Offence under Provincial Renting Laws
Talking to the Police
Whatever Happened to: David Chen and Citizen Arrests
Tale of Two Lawyers, A
Calculation of Child Support: A Basic Guideline, The
Legal Requirements When Travelling Abroad with a Minor
Under the Influence: Liquor Outlet Density and Domestic Violence in Alberta
Can Domestic Abuse Victims Qualify as Refugees
Unified Family Court: A Road-Tested Justice Strategy for Alberta, The
Possibly, Maybe, Perhaps: Empty Promises Spell the Death Knell of the Unpaid Internship
Unpaid Internships: The Views of a Survivor
Unpaid Interns have Little Protection under the Law
Viewpoint 39-2: When Facing Terror, There Are Limits to What Law Can Achieve
Why Canada Should Have a Museum for Human Rights
Helpful Guidance on Ineligible Individuals, But Questions Remain, A
Considering Jurisdiction in Interprovincial Custody Applications
Employees on Probation
Whatever Happened To: Can. Aero v. O'Malley
Gallant Yet Illegal Cause: Canadians in the Spanish Civil War, The
Issues Faced by Vulnerable Workers in Canada
Right to Refuse Dangerous Work, The
Workplace Bullying: What Employers Need to Know
Being Fired: Employment and Identity
Independent Contractor or Employee
Public Interest Standing and the Bedford Case
Can Administrative Agencies Grant Common Law Public Interest Standing
Access to Justice in a Post-SWUAV Courtroom
Viewpoint 39-3: Canada's Asbestos Policy: Economics Trump Global Health Concerns
Right of First Nations Peoples to a Representative Jury, The
Solitary Confinement Is a National Disgrace
Duty of Unions to Fairly Represent Their Members, The
Law in the Public Interest
Marc Ribeiro v. Dragons' Den
Cold War Casualties in the True North Strong and Free
Age of Criminal Responsibility: An Illusive Dilemma
International Charter on Prevention of FASD
Aboriginal Right - or Wrong
Transgender Youth: Everyday Items, Everyday Rights
Mitigating Children's Involvement in Maritime Piracy
One Edmonton Youth in Conflict with the Law: A Case Study
Wedding Law: By the Authority Vested in Me
Engagement Ring: Whose Property Is It, The
Married vs. Common Law - What's the Difference Anyway
Viewpoint 39-4: Ten Years - A Look Back at Bullying
Role of the Organization of American States in Canadian Human Rights
Unilateral Relocations - Don't Do It
Mandatory Retirement: Not So Fast
Best Interests of the Aboriginal Child, The
Time for Oversight of Social Investments
When Free Trade Is Not Free: The Abitibi Case
Contemporary Progressive Political Novel: The Rotter's Club, The
Inuit Rights to the Arctic
Introduction to Inuit Rights and Arctic Sovereignty, The
Circumpolar Inuit Declaration on Sovereignty in the Arctic, A
Indian Act: Can It Be Abolished, The
Medical Care and Children: Law, Ethics and Emotions Collide
Essential Services and the Right to Strike
Judge Balances Controversy with Compassion, A
Viewpoint 39-5: Hundreds of Recommendations Go Unimplemented
Role of the Organization of American States in Canadian Human Rights: Part 2
When Prosecution Met Defence: The Michael Bryant Case
Quitting and Giving Notice: What Employees Need to Know
Resources for Termination of Employment
Whatever Happened To: U.S. v. Burns: Extradition and the Death Penalty
Vaclav Havel and the Meaning of Tragedy in Politics and Law
Democratic Governance: The Constitution and Canada's Branches of Government
Supreme Court of Canada: A History, The
Judicial Review Is Different from Judicial Activism
Nadon Reference: A Unique Challenge, The
Top Courts in the U.S. and Canada: A Comparison
What Self-Respected Litigants (Actually) Want
Small Claims Court: A Venue Made for Self-Represented Litigants
Vexatious Litigant, The
Financial Disclosure in Family Law Cases, Don't Hide; It's Best to Provide
Supreme Court of Canada Addresses Jury Composition and Aboriginal Equality
Politician Resignations and Personal Liability for By-Election Costs
Going It Alone: Resources for Self-Represented Litigants
Purposes and Activities Divide in Charity Regulation, The
John Lennon: Working Class Hero and Legal Activist
Whatever Happened to: Antrim Truck Ltd. and Public Nuisances