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Volume 41

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Self-Represented Litigants Have Mountains to Climb
Your Self-Representation Road Map: Five Steps to Success (and 5 Mistakes to Avoid)
Hurdles for Self-Represented Litigants in Small Claims Court
Representing Yourself at Tax Court
Self-Represented Parties at the Alberta Appeals Commission for Worker's Compensation
The Law of Costs and the Cost of Law
Journalists Feel the Chill in a Changing Media World
Freedom of Expression, Publication Bans and the Media
Kent v Postmedia: The Largest Individual Defamation Award Given in Alberta
Family Law: Obtaining Evidence in High Conflict Parenting Disputes - Part 1: Lawyers for Children
Human Rights Law: Gender Equality in Canadian Politics
Debtor and Creditor Law: Divorce and Bankruptcy in Canada
Landlord and Tenant Law: Having Problems with Another Tenant
Employment Law: Legal Remedies at Human Rights Commissions
Not-For-Profit Law: Prevention and Relief of Poverty
Criminal Law: Supreme Court: No Warrant to Swab Your Genitals - No Problem
Famous Cases: Whatever Happened to R. v. Oakes
Law and Literature: Extraordinary Criminal at the Heart of the Man without Qualities
The Law of Sexual Assault in Canada
Understanding the Criminal Trial Process
Solitary Confinement: Abandon Every Hope Ye Who Enter
Looking at Mental Health Courts: Should Alberta Pursue Them
Legalizing Marijuana Use in Canada: Some Concerns
Legal Responses to the Financial Crisis of 2008 in Canada, the U.K. and the U.S.
How the Economy Influences Bankruptcy and Vice Versa
Paying Other People's Taxes
Business Succession Planning is an Investment in the Future
Bankruptcy, Insolvency and Receivership
New Resources at CPLEA
Family Law: Obtaining Evidence in High Conflict Parenting Disputes - Part 2
Human Rights Law: Genetic Discrimination Is Being Addressed in Canadian Law
Landlord and Tenant Law: Here Are Some Things to Consider before You Host Your Holiday Party
Not-for-Profit Law: Political Activities Update for Charities
Criminal Law: When Sexism Hits the Fan: How Female Defence Counsel Are Put on Trial Because of Their Gender
Law and Literature: Stalin the Magician
It's Time to Enshrine the Rights and Protections of Transgender Canadians
Equality Rights for Transgender Individuals in Canada
Supporting Transgender People in the Workplace
Transgender Inclusion in Sport
Scrutinizing the Bench: Judicial Appointments in Canada and England and Wales
The Work of the National Judicial Institute
The Appointment of Justice Rowe
Aboriginal People Are Still without Supreme Court Representation
New Resources at CPLEA
Aboriginal Law: New West Lands Reserve: Parts Unknown
Criminal Law: Lockdowns and Liberty: Why Lockdowns in Correctional Facilities Are Violating Human Rights, and Costing Tax Payers
Employment Law: Cumulative Cause 1
Environmental Law: What Is Environmental Law and Why Is It Hard to Understand
Family Law: Obtaining Evidence in High Conflict Parenting Disputes, Part 3: Views of the Child Reports and Parenting Assessments
Famous Cases: The Story of Linda Gibbons
Human Rights Law: Human Rights and a Poisoned Work Environment
Law and Literature: A Long Way from Plato
Not-for-Profit Law: Keeping at Arm's Length
Aboriginal Child Protection and Dual Citizenship: Membership Has Its Benefits
The Missing Child Project
Celebrating Anniversaries: A Year after CHRT's Ruling on Discriminatory Funding of Welfare Services for First Nations Children
Envisioning an Indigenous Jurisdictional Process: A Nehiyaw (Cree) Law Approach
The Sixties Scoop: A Dark Chapter in Canadian History
Improving Access to Justice: Technological Innovations
Exploring New Frontiers for the Delivery of Legal Services in Canada
Current Trends in Technology for the Provision of Legal Information
Viewpoint: Fairness for Children
Viewpoint: New Resources at CPLEA
Creditor and Debtor Law: Student Loans under the Bankruptcy & Insolvency Act
Criminal Law: Oh, S***! Court of Appeal Rules on One Man's Bowel Movements and Charter Rights
Employment Law: Cumulative Cause - 2
Environmental Law: Who's the Boss - Jurisdiction over the Environment in Canada
Family Law: Obtaining Evidence in High Conflict Parenting Disputes, Part 4: Parenting Coordination
Famous Cases: Keystone XL and NAFTA
Human Rights Law: Pregnancy Discrimination Remains an Issue
Law and Literature: 1984 and None Turn Back: Two Timely Novels
Not-for-Profit Law: For Charities, Partisanship Could Be Dangerous Sailing
Rule of Law: Two Notable Supreme Court Decisions to Celebrate
Our Constitution and the Charter of Rights: A Proud Canadian Accomplishment
Statute of Westminster: A Stepping Stone towards Canadian Independence
Temporary Taxation: No End in Sight
Evolution of Law in Canada
Indigenous Perspective on Canada's 150th Birthday
Evolution of Five Legal Doctrines in the Supreme Court of Canada
Free of the Colonial Yoke: Not Quite
Gimme Shelter: Housing Law in Canada
Punitive Damages and the Residential Tenancies Act
Real Property and GST Rebates
New Resources at CPLEA
Access to Justice: A Bold New Program Hopes to Improve Access to Justice in Alberta
Criminal Law: Whatchu Doing with Our Rights Virgin Radio
Employment Law: Minimum Notice Periods Are Enforceable
Environmental Law: The Environment and Aboriginal Rights
Family Law: Symposium on Children's Participation in Justice Processes Coming to Calgary
Famous Cases: Whatever Happened to Money for Nothing: International Longshore v. Ford
Human Rights Law: Age Discrimination and the Alberta Human Rights Act
Dozens of Legal Reasonables
The Reasonable Person
Reasonable Doubt in Criminal Law
Taxes - Reasonable
Top Ten Ways to Be Reasonable in Estate Situations
Special Report: Environmental Law: Alberta's Climate Leadership Plan: An Update
Special Report: Environmental Law: Recovering the Species at Risk Act
Special Report: Environmental Law: Syncrude Ducks Produce a Creative Sentence
Special Report: Environmental Law: The Effects of Climate Change on the World's Most Vulnerable Populations
Viewpoint: Chief Justice McLachlin: The Supreme Court's Steady Hand
New Resources at CPLEA
Creditor and Debtor Law: Bankruptcy Increases among the Young and Old
Criminal Law: The Importance of the Internet in Modern Society
Employment Law: No Time Limitations on Sexual Harassment Lawsuits
Family Law: Conflict between Parents, Part 1: The Effect of Conflict on Children
Famous Cases: Whatever Happened to Murdoch v. Murdoch
Human Rights Law: Human Rights and the Inclusion of a New Ground: A Criminal Record
Law and Literature: Mr. Green from the Company Brings Bloodshed to the Republic
Not-for-Profit: Innovation and the Charitable Sector