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Have You Heard the One About The Canadian Who Died without a Will
People Always Told Me, Be Careful What You Do: Wills and Dependency Legislation
Round Two: Blended Families and Estate Planning
Inheritance Issues in Bankruptcy
Death and Taxes - When the Certainties Collide
Setting Up Wills and Trusts
Mental Capacity Has Different Meanings in Different Contexts
A Renewed Senate That Works for Canadians
The Senate Reference: Supreme Court of Canada Outlines Constitutional Road to Reform
An Insider's Look at Senate Committees
BenchPress - Vol 42-1
Viewpoint 42-1: Scoring NAFTA: The United States Trounces Canada in Investor-State Disputes
New Resources at CPLEA - Vol. 42:1
Reminder: Beyond A Reasonable Doubt is a Pillar of Our Justice System
Bad Behaviour 2.0, Part 1: Employees Getting Away With
A River Runs Across It: Solving Trans-Border Disputes Over Water
Conflict between Parents, Part 2: Strategies to Reduce Conflict
Interveners in Human Rights Cases
Leonardo Padura, The Man Who Loved Dogs
What's Fair
What Do I Have to Tell the Police If They Stop Me
What Do I Do with My Tenancy after I've Lost My Job
Police Record Checks - What Can They Disclose
What You Should Do If You Are Injured in a Car Accident
Can I Leave Someone out of My Will
Defending the Court Challenges Program
Public Interest Law Clinic at the University of Calgary
Supreme Court of Canada Endorses a New Approach to Self-Represented Litigants
BenchPress - Vol. 42-2
Viewpoint 42-2: Elected Municipal Officials Must Be Careful about Conflicts of Interest
New Resources at CPLEA Vol. 42:2
First Comes Trump Hat, Then Comes Racism
Bad Behaviour 2.0: Part 2 Employees Getting Away with
How Are off Road Vehicles Regulated in Alberta
Conflict between Parents, Part 3: More Strategies to Reduce Conflict, Active Listening and Looping
Stinchcombe and Crown Disclosure of Criminal Evidence
Justice for Victims of Corrupt Foreign Officials Act: Canada Seeks to Hold Foreign Officials Accountable for Human Rights Abuses
A Not Insignificant Death: The Grass Is Singing
Charity Federal Regulatory Round-up
Finding the Best Ways Forward: Report on the Symposium on Children's Participation in Justice Processes
Children Witnesses in Criminal Courts: Recognizing Competence and Assessing Credibility
Youth Criminal Justice Act: An Overview
Infants and Family Law: Advice for Parents
The State of Mental Health Treatment for Youth in the Justice System
Voices of Children in Parenting Coordination
Reforming Our Tax System
Time for Tax Reform
The Politicized Complexity of the Canadian Income Tax Act
BenchPress - Vol 42-3
Viewpoint 42-3: Tradition Triumphs: A New Guard for Canada's Supreme Court
New Resources at CPLEA - 42:3
To Charge or Not to Charge: That Is No Longer the Question
Harassment as a New Workplace Safety Issue
Dispensing with a Parent's Consent for Counselling for Children
Stinchcombe: Crown Disclosure of Criminal Evidence
Age Discrimination in Albert Human Rights Legislation: New Developments
Orwell on Law, Order and Corruption in Burma
Registered Charity Rights and Privileges
Steps to Starting a Business in Alberta
Tax Advice for Starting a Business
Calgary Lawyer and Entrepreneur Donna Gee Gets Things Done
Protecting Your Invention: Tips from an Intellectual Property Lawyer
How to Deal with Bankruptcy as a Small Business Owner
10 Common Mistakes When Launching a New Business
Charter of Rights and Homeless Persons
Greater Electoral Access for the Homeless
Low Income Ontarians More Prone to Debt Problems
Viewpoint: Understanding Parole: Paul Bernardo Eligible for Full Parole in February 2018
Viewpoint: New Resources at CPLEA
Criminal Law: Criminal Court Haters, Take Note: What the #believethevictims Movement Fails to Recognize
Employment Law: #MeToo and Wrongful Dismissal
Environmental Law: Are Environmentalists Good or Bad
Family Law: Self-Employment and Family Law
Famous Cases: The Law of Spanking
Human Rights Law: Human Rights Law and Employment: Does Context Trump Relationship
Law and Literature: Second Person Singular by Sayed Kashua: Acquiring False Identities at Great Psychic Cost
Not-for-Profit: Senate Study Offers Opportunity for Fresh Look at Charity Issues
Ghosts in the Criminal Code
Ghost Consultants and Canada's Immigration System
Loosening the Dead Hand: Conditions on Gifts in Wills
The Drop-Dead Rule in Civil Litigation
Speaking to the Dead: Repealing Laws against Pretending to Practice Witchcraft
Tax Treaties
NAFTA in a Nutshell
Why the UN's Declaration on Indigenous Rights Has Been Slow to Implement in Canada
Dealing with US Debts in a Canadian Bankruptcy
Understanding the Connections between Law and Canadian Criminal Law
BenchPress - Vol. 45-5
New Resources at CPLEA - Vol. 42-5
Criminal Law: No Legal Training, No Problem: Go Forth and Represent Your Family in Provincial Court for Free
Employment Law: Who Makes the Law of Work in Canada
Family Law: Enforcement of Family Law Orders When Parents Live in Different Places: Part 1
Famous Cases: Omar Khadr.1
Human Rights Law: Sexual Harassment and Sexual Assault in the Workplace: Is This Something New
Law and Literature: Breaking the Code, and Then Breaking the Spirit
Not-for-Profit: Sexual and Other Harassment and Fiduciary Duty
Bicycle Law in Alberta
Travel and Taxation
Impaired Boating Is Just like Impaired Driving
Bringing Clarity to Passenger Compensation Rules
How Long-Term Car Loans Are Causing Bankruptcy
Law Society of Ontario Targets Systemic Racism in the Legal Profession
Accommodating Syrian Refugees' Legal and Other Needs
Indigenous Public Legal Education - PLE from an Interconnected Worldview
Understanding Diversity in the Current Context of the Law and Legal Profession
BenchPress - Vol. 42-6
New & Updated Resources at CPLEA - Vol. 42-6
Criminal Law: Notorious Toronto Judge Makes His Disdain for Disgraced Officer Known: How the Outspoken Justice Clark Drives Home an Important Messages
Employment Law: Cannabis and Employment
Family Law: Enforcement of Family Law Orders When Parents Live in Different Places: Part 2
Famous Cases: Omar Khadr. 2
Human Rights Law: Ameliorative Programs Gaining Recognition in Human Rights Legislation
Law and Literature: Sisyphus Ascending: The Remarkable Career of Raja Shehadeh
Not-for-Profit: A Charity Is a Charity Is a Charity - The Common Law and Income Tax Act Charity Regulation