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Full Text: Vols. 1-8#1 (2012-2020) Title varies: Vols. 1-3#1 (2012-2015) as UK Law Student Review
Publisher: The United Kingdom Law and Society Association (UKLSA)
Publication Website:
ISSN: 2050-0041
Frequency: 2

Additional Information for Legal Issues Journal
Legal Issues Journal (LIJ) publishes original research on all legal matters affecting justice, equality and other pressing issues for societies. The journal welcomes interdisciplinary work at the intersection of law and other disciplines, such as genetics, biosciences, philosophy, linguistics, neuroscience, medicine, and business. The Journal publishes original papers, case comments, short reports, debates and book reviews. The Journal also provides important news and interpretation on changes in the legal world and coming trends affecting law, lawyers, and society. Contribution to society, nationally and internationally, is the focus of LIJ. LIJ uses double-blind peer review process - both the reviewer(s) and the author(s) are anonymous.

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7 (2019)
6 (2018)
5 (2017)
4 (2016)
3 (2015)
2 (2014)
1 (2012-2013)