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Volume 10

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European Union's Conflict of Law Rules - A Re-Evaluation, The
Case Complexity and Citation to Judicial Authority - Some Empirical Evidence from the New Zealand Court of Appeal
Command Responsibility and Superior Orders in the Twentieth Century - A Century of Evolution
Gaming Contract Law: Creating Pleasurable Ways to Learn the Law of Contract
Impact of New Generic Top Level Domains on Trademarks, The
Right to Equality and Non-Discrimination With Regard to Language, The
Unified Financial Services Supervision in Latvia, the United Kingdom and Scandinavian Countries
Overview of Trade Secrets Protection in Romania, An
Review of C. Beyani, Human Rights Standards and the Movement of People Within States
Applying Therapeutic Jurisprudence in Regional Areas: The Western Australian Experience
Assessing Teamwork Skills in Law School: A Window of Opportunity
Co-operative Student Learning in Undergraduate Law: Fostering Teamwork Skills in External Students
Dispute Resolution by Officials in Traditional Chinese Legal Culture
Internet Governance in Australia: Modelling Self-Regulatory Structures in the Domain Name System
Intimate Partner Violence: Transforming Harm into a Crime
Reinventing Contract
Research Analysts and the Australian Market Misconduct Regime
Striving for Equilibrium: A Critical Analysis of Section 54 of The Australian Insurance Contracts Act
Prosecutor's Dilemma - Strengths and Flaws of the Genocide Convention, The
Recent Developments in the Romanian Intellectual Property Legal Regime
Impact of TRIPs on Agricultural Economies in the Developing World, the
Clinical Legal Education within a Community Legal Centre Context
Doli Incapax: Why Children Deserve its Protection
Genocide, a Crime of Which No Anglo-Saxon Nation Could be Guilty
Requirements of Writing for Electronic Land Contracts - The Queensland Experience Compared with Other Jurisdictions, The
Charter Analysis of the s. 43 Canadian Criminal Code Defense to Corporal Punishment of a Minor, A
Marshalling Securities in the Context of Insolvency: A Guide
Open Source Alternative: Shrink-Wrap, Open Source and Copyright, The
Protection of Celebrities Names and Trade Marks under the ICANN Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy
Research on Human Embryos, Stem Cells and Cloning - One Year Since the Passing of Australian Federal Legislation
Difficult Decade: Continuing Freedom of Information Challenges for the United States and its Universities, A
Flogging A Moribund Horse While The Emperor Is Naked: Issues In Proving Institutional Racial Discrimination In State Housing In Western Australia
Bridge Over Troubled Australian Waters: Reparations for Aboriginal Child Removals and British Child Migrants
Dedicated Parliamentary Seats for Indigenous Peoples: Political Representation as an Element of Indigenous Self-Determination
Franklin Barley: Patent Law and Plant Breeders' Rights
Greater Sense of Tradition: The Implications of The Normative System Principles in Yorta Yorta for Native Title Determination Applications, A
New Exceptions or Principled Determinations: The Unreliable Response of the Australian High Court to Reform of the Hearsay Rule
Passage of Time in International Environmental Disputes, The
Statute of Frauds in the Digital Age - Maintaining the Integrity of Signatures, The