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Volume 2

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Applying the Native Title Act 1993
Constitutional Validity of the Commonwealth's Native Title Regime Confirmed: The State of Western Australia v The Commonwealth; The Wororra Peoples v The Commonwealth; Teddy Biljabu v The Commonwealth
Milpurrurru & Ors v Indofurn & Ors: Protecting Expressions of Aboriginal Folklore Under Copyright Law
Providing a Sustainable Economic Land Base for Aboriginal Populations
Racial Vilification and ICERD in Australia
Report on Aboriginal Women and Bias in the Western Australian Justice System
Implementing Self-Government: An Examination of the Aboriginal Communities Act (Western Australia)
Justice at Last or Just More of the Past? An Evaluation of the British Columbia Treaty Commission
Learning About Survival from Survivors: Mohawk Environmental Communicative Action
Legislative Responses to Mabo: Rendering the Law Unconscious
Resuming Self-Government in Indian Country: From Imposed Government to Self-Rule
Dispute Resolution Mechanisms in the Resolution of Comprehensive Aboriginal Claims: Power Imbalance Between Aboriginal Claimants and Governments
Impact of the Doctrine of Cultural Relativism on the Australian Legal System
Indigenous Peoples and Language
National Native Title Tribunal: Compensation Issues - A Discussion Paper
Opportunity Lost for Aboriginal Self-Determination: Australia's Compliance with ILO 169, An
Poststructuralist Consideration of Property as Thin Air: Mabo - A Case Study, A
Review of An Introduction to the Law of Contract: Computorials
Refusal to Consent to Treatment on Religious Grounds
Should gambling gains be taxed as income
Land Ownership and Control in Nauru
Multimedia Content and the Super Highway: Rapid Acceleration or Foot on the Brake
Practical Strategies for Using Computers in Legal Education
Seymour Report on Fetal Welfare and the Law in Australia, The
Constitutionality of Abortion on Request in South Africa, The
For Love or Money - The Legal Regulation of Surrogate Motherhood
Judges' Voices in the French Abortion Debate of the 1970s
Protecting the Father-Child Bond Against Nonpaternity Action: Legislative, Judicial and Constitutional Approaches
Who Gets to Choose? Responses to the Foetal / Maternal Conflict
Wimmenspeak on Midwifery Lore
Bioethics and the Law: The Impact of Genetic Technology on Prenatal Management