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Volume 4

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Book review of "Legal Interviewing: Theory Tactics and Techniques" by K A Lauchland and MJ Le Brun
Native Title after Wik: Where to Now
Native Title Update: Federal Court Ruling on Notification of Claims, 19 March 1997
Review of Afterman and Baxt's Cases and Materials on Corporations and Business Associations
Review of John S Mo's International Commercial Law, A
Videotaping Police Interviews With Suspects
Promise or Pretence - Compliance with the Intergovernmental Agreement on the Environment: The National Environment Protection Council (Western Australia) Act 1996
Accessing US Land Title Records Through the Internet: A Paper Prepared for the 1st AUSTLII Conference on Computerisation of Law via the Internet
Iconic, Archaeologic and Analytic Uses of History - Reading Goodman's Origins
Opposition to Mining Projects by Indigenous Peoples and Special Interest Groups
Review of Peter Rush's: Butterworths Casebook Companions - Criminal Law
Review of Susan Streets, Administrative Law
Toward a Genuine Redress for an Unjust Past: The Nibutani Dam Case
Reverse Engineering in Japan and the Global Trend Towards Interoperability
Lawyers and Dispute Resolution: What Do They Think And Know And Think They Know - Finding Out Through Survey Research
Copyright dangers of music on hold: Telstra Corporation Ltd v Australasian Performing Right Association Ltd, The
Demystifying Native Title
Regulation of In-vitro Fertilisation: Social Norms and Discrimination, The
Review of B.R. Clarke and B.J. Sweeney, Marketing and the Law, A
Should Western Australia Adopt An Evidentiary Privilege Protecting Communications Given In Religious Confessions
Supreme Court of Canada's cases on the Internet via SGML
Aboriginal Rights and Interpretative Responsibility
Copyright Reform - The Government's Agenda: A Speech to the Eighth Biennial Copyright Law and Practice Symposium, 7 November 1997
From Censorship to Classification
Reforming Copyright for the Digital Age - Everyone's Horse on the Wrong Course
Review of The Incredible Woman - Power and Sexual Politics by Jocelynne A Scutt, A
Review of Margaret Allars, Australian Administrative Law: Cases and Commentary
Review of R Tomasic, J Jackson and R Woellner: Corporations - Principles, Policies and Process 3rd ed, A
Review of Ray Steinwall and Lucienne Layton's Annotated Trade Practices Act 1974 1997 Edition, A
Developing a standard for Legal Citation for Electronic Information