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Volume 5

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Compensation for Native Title: The Theory and the Reality
Lange v ABC: the High Court rethinks the constitutionalisation of defamation law
Native title and other impediments to Pipeline Development
Reflections An Address by The Honourable Gough Whitlam AC, QC to the Murdoch Student Law Society
Review of Graham Hiley (Editor), The Wik Case: Issues and Implications
Review of Jill McKeough and Andrew Stewart Intellectual Property in Australia
Working with Native Title
R v Pacino : Extending the Limits of Criminal Negligence
Unsafe Work Practices Leads to Findings of Negligence Against Private Prison Operator: Jarvis v Australasian Correctional Management Pty. Ltd
Bringing Australian Copyright Law into the Global Age
Intellectual Property Law and the Protection of Indigenous Folklore and Knowledge
Stolen Generation - Finding a Fiduciary Duty, The
Centralised European Causebook and Judgment Registry Database, A
Wormes in the entrayles: the corporate citizen in law
What would Sir Samuel Griffith have said? Postmodernism in the 1990s company law classroom
Book Review of Butterworths Casebook Companion: Torts
Book Review of Butterworths Student Companion: Equity
Indigenous Land Use Agreements under the Amended Native Title Act 1993
Legal Argument Games of LEGAL RELATIONS
Does Australia Need a Bill of Rights
Use (Abuse) of Section 51(35) of the Australian Constitution
Access to Biological Resources: Domestic and International Developments and Issues
Review of Medical Negligence by Malcolm Kahn and Michelle Robson, London: Cavendish, 1997, 432pp.
Common v. Continental: A Reaction to Mr. Evan Whitton's 1998 Murdoch Law School Address
Dooms of King Alfred, The
Human Rights at the End of the 1990's: Challenges to Universality
Justice or Money? How to Save the Law from Contempt
Combating Lesbian and Gay Youth Suicide and HIV/AIDS Transmission Rates: An Examination of Possible Education Strategies in Western Australian High Schools in Light of Prevailing State Statutes
Crimes Against Humanity During the Gulf War