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Volume 7

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Constructing a Liability: Bryan v Maloney
Contingency Fees In Western Australia
Justice Industry in the 21st Century: Review of Educating Lawyers for a Less Adversarial System (Federation Press 1999), The
Review of Bartlett, Native Title in Australia (Sydney: Butterworths, 1999)
Trial By Ordeal - Polygraph Testing In Australia
UK Financial Markets and the Foreign Investor
Are We Family - And if so, Can I Still Sue You
Crimes Against Humanity and the Principles of Legality
Holmes, Jr.: Constitutional Interpreter and Convenient Patriarch for Post-1937 Judicial Restraint
International Prohibition Of Racist Organisations: An Australian Perspective, The
Interview with Daryl Williams, Attorney-General of Australia, November 1999
Securities Regulation And Emerging Markets
Aboriginal Sentencing Reform in Canada - Prospects for Success
Review of Bruce, Butterworths Student Companions: Restrictive Trade Practices Law
Review of Copyright Law, Vaver
Deep Sea-Bed Mining Under Customary International Law
Genetic Non-Discrimination, Privacy and Property Rights
Globalized, Wired, Sex Trafficking In Women And Children
Impunity And Gross Human Rights Violations in South Africa
Legal Issues Concerning Military Use Of Non-Lethal Weapons
Disputing Culture: Lawyers and ADR
Native Title Representative Bodies Under The Native Title Act Amendments: A Chance To Excel
Cybersquatting and Trademark Infringement
Electronic Bills of Exchange and Promissory Notes in Australia
Review of Havemann, Indigenous Peoples' Rights in Australia, Canada & New Zealand
Free Market: An Erosion of Free Speech, The
Is there Justification for an International Criminal Tribunal for East Timor
State Government Mining Royalties: Requited Taxes or Duties of Excise
Two-Edged Sword: Salomon and the Separate Legal Entity Doctrine
Unfulfilled Promissory Contractual Terms And Section 52 Of The Australian Trade Practices Act
Australian Competition Law Books: A Review
Interface between Trademark, Designs and Passing Off under Australian Law: The Philips Case, The
Little Sisters: What the Supreme Court of Canada Really Decided
Review of Mwenda, Contemporary Issues in Corporate Finance and Investment Law
Benevolent and Enlightened Dictators, and Standards of Human Rights in Africa
Legal View from a Bridge Over Troubled Waters: Metaphors for Information and its Value in the Information Age, A
Transcending Retributive Models Of Justice
Same-Sex Relationships In Western Australia
Shareholder Democracy or a Banana Republic: The CASAC Proposals for Reform
Suppressing the Truth: Judicial Exclusion of Illegally Obtained Evidence in the United States, Canada, England and Australia
Unfinished Business: The Australian Stolen Generations