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Volume 9

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Rule Of Law As An Australian Constitutionalist Promise, The
Long and Winding Road to Stony Batter: Implied Dedication in the Torrens Title Context, The
Tri-M Waste Treaty Project: A Discussion Paper
ISP Liability in Singapore: Lessons For Canada
Telecommunications Convergence Law in India – A Critique
(Re)Introduction of Restorative Justice in Kahnawake: Beyond Indigenization, The
Teaching Business Law to Non-Law Students
Meta Tag Litigation: An Overview And Some Policy Conclusions
Report on a Recent Romanian Pharmaceutical Patent Case
Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy as an Alternative to Litigation, The
Perceptions of Procedural Justice and Legitimacy in Local Court Mediation
UK's Cloning Laws: A View from the Antipodes. The
Criminalisation Of Female Genital Mutilation In Queensland, The
Review of the Romanian Intellectual Property Law Regime
Teaching Legal Research Skills at the University of Western Australia
Can the United States Lawfully Get Rid of Saddam Hussein
How to See the Forest for the Trees: What’s the Point of So Much Corporate Law
Legislative Attempts To Imprison Those Prosecuted For Criminal Manslaughter In The Workplace
Protecting Outsiders to Corporate Contracts in Australia
Transforming the Way we Record and Access the Law
Ascertaining the Dimensions of a Reasonable Restraint of Trade in an Intellectual Property Context
Assuring Quality in the Assessment of Negotiation Skills: a Case Study in the Teaching of Trusts
Black v Chrétien: Suing a Minister of the Crown for Abuse of Power, Misfeasance in Public Office and Negligence
Business Law and Ethics: Does It Have A Future
The Development of Bicameral Parliamentary Systems
Digital Signature, Certification Authorities and the Law
Film Censorship In Western Australia: Public, Government And Industry Responses 1898-1928
Honouring the Treaty of Waitangi: Are the Parties Measuring Up
Is Native Title a Proprietary Right
PPSA Cometh to Australia? An Introduction to the Current State of Play, The
Recent Developments in Shrinkwrap, Clickwrap and Browsewrap Licenses in the United States
Regulating the Net in Australia: Firing Blanks or Silver Bullets
Resource Management Law in New Zealand: Recent Issues
Sub-Bailment On Terms and the Australian Consumer
Terror Meets Tyranny? The Interface Between Counter Terrorism And Human Rights
Through the World’s Eye: Governance in a Globalised World
Transplanting Good Faith into New Zealand Labour Law: The Experience under the Employment Relations Act 2000
Electronic Litigation Filing in the USA, Australia and Germany: a Comparison
Subordinated Debt and the Effect of Adding Section 563c to the Australian Corporations Act
Human Property: Threat or Saviour
Public Tort Liability: An Alternative to Tort Liability and No-fault Compensation
Remedy for Nervous Shock or Psychiatric Harm - Who Pays, A
British Child Migration to Australia: History, Senate Inquiry and Responsibilities
Commercialization of Government Information and the Proposal for a Directive COM(2002) 207 by the European Commission, The
Daubism: Copyright Law And Artistic Works
From a Jurisprudence of Regret to a Regrettable Jurisprudence: Shaping Native Title from Mabo to Ward
Internet Service Provider Liability for Copyright Infringements of Subscribers: American and Australian Developments