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Peking University Journal of Legal Studies

Full Text: Vols. 1-4 (2008-2013)
Publisher: Peking University Law School
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The Peking University Journal of Legal Studies is published by Peking University Law School. It is the first journal of its kind to be published in the English language under the auspices of a university located in Mainland China. China has become the focus of the whole world, a focus which extends well beyond hosting the Olympics. While China's great achievements are widely recognized, concerns remain regarding sustainable development and structural inefficiencies. This book presents academically stimulating articles emphasized on the legal aspects of these issues, covering topics with both theoretical and practical appeal, and encouraging the rapid exchange of ideas across law and other academic disciplines. For foreign readers, those contributions provide insights into the complexities of Chinese society by offering the Chinese perspective on the Chinese legal system, introducing friends from abroad to the most pressing legal issues under debate within the Chinese legal academy. For Chinese readers, this journal offers meaningful and frank intellectual dialogue, and broadens the scope of legal studies from what can sometimes appear to be a narrow approach.


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