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Review of International Law and Politics

Full Text: Vols. 1-12 (2005-2016) All Published
Publisher: International Law Association (ILA) and International Strategic Research Organization (Uluslararas Stratejik Aratrmalar Kurumu -USAK)
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Additional Information for Review of International Law and Politics
The Review of International Law and Politics (UHP) is a refereed journal and is published four times a year (Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn). UHP publishes scholarly articles in English and Turkish. The Editorial Office of the UHP is in the International Strategic Research Organization's (USAK) central building in Ankara, Turkey. However, the journal is an independent publication in terms of scientific research and the editors decide its publication policy.

UHP, with its distinguished editorial and advisory boards (both in Turkey and abroad) is one the most well known professional journals of Turkey in its field. The editorial board is very selective of the journal's content.

UHP focuses on international law and international relations, yet the journal also accepts papers on area studies (Balkans, Caucasus, Europe, Central Asia etc.), international security, international relations sociology, sociology, and anthropology from all over the world. The UHP serves the needs of scholars in International Relations, International Law and related fields such as politics, sociology and history. The journal encourages interdisciplinary studies.


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