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Revista Internacional de Pensamiento Politico

Full Text: Vols. 1-13 (2006-2018)
Publisher: Universidad Pablo de Olavide
Publication Website:
ISSN: 1885-589X
Frequency: 1

Additional Information for Revista Internacional de Pensamiento Politico
International Journal of Political Thought is a peer-edited, peer-reviewed journal centered around the subjects of Philosophy of Law, Political Philosophy and the Social Sciences. The Journal was created to fill the holes left in the Spanish academic circles because of the lack of publications centered about Political Philosophy, particularly since the inclusion of Philosophy of Law as a formal subject in Law schools had left Political Philosophy absent from teaching and researching programs. The Journal features original articles, written in different languages, relating to said subject and related topics. The Journal's editing team is led by Mr. Ramon Luis Soriano Diaz, well-known Spanish professor in Philosophy of Law, and published both in e-journal PDF format and in print (partnering with Sevillian publisher Aconcagua Libros). It is mainly addressed to the academic audience, encompassing teachers, researchers and students.

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