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Singapore Comparative Law Review

Full Text: 2018-2019
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Additional Information for Singapore Comparative Law Review
The United Kingdom Singapore Law Students' Society publishes an annual journal named the Singapore Comparative Law Review (previously known as Lex Loci), comprising many articles of legal scholarship. Its primary mission is to serve as a comparative academic forum for students of Singapore pursuing a legal education or career in the UK. The subject matter of the works published is wide-ranging, but tends to relate to the ways in which the Singapore common law has diverged from English law and other parts of the Commonwealth. Aside from this, the Singapore Comparative Law Review has two other goals. Firstly, the Editorial Committee of each volume will strive to design it in such a manner as to make it a useful research springboard and tool for academics, lawyers, and students of law alike; most of our submissions and published articles address recent and pertinent legal developments and problems around the world. Secondly, it seeks to provide an opportunity for contributors to develop their own writing and editing skills, whether in preparation for academia or legal practice.

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