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Volume 12

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The Perspectives of Changing the System of Funding Churches and Other Religious Denominations in Poland
The Evolution of the Right to Religious Freedom in Australia
Agreements in the Code of Canon Law in Light of Can. 1290
Ecclesiastical Legal Aspects of the Catholic Chaplaincy of Foresters and Hunters in Poland
The Relations among the State, Church and Religious Associations in the Canton of Vaud
Property Regulations Pertaining to the Jewish Property in the North Part of Lubuskie Voivodeship
The Influence of the Political Transformation of Poland on the Policies towards Religious, National and Ethnic Minorities (1989-2005)
The Loss of the Office of Pastor under Canon Law and Its Significance in the Eviction Process
The Role of the Department of Denominations of the Executive Committee of the Voivodeship National Council in Rzeszow in the Secularization of the National Health Service (NHS)
Religious Relations in the Polish-Ukrainian Borderland. The Example of Tomaszow Poviat
The Expenditure of the Church Fund Resources in the Years 1950-1989
Religious Education and Its Place in the Educational System from the Perspective of the Legislative Seym Works of 1919-1922
The Position of the Polish Episcopate on the State's Neutrality in the Matter of Outlook during the Drawing up of the Polish Constitution of 2nd April 1997
1% Donations off the Natural Persons' Income Tax as a Source of Funding for Church's Institutions
Donations for Worship Purposes and Church's Charitable Activity
The Criteria for the Expenditure of the Church Fund Resources
Remigio Beneyto Berenguer (dir.), Vida Publica - Vida Privada
Pawel Borecki, Geneza Modelu Stosunkow Panstwo-Kosciol w Konstytucji RP
Bezstronnosc Religijna Swiatopogladowa i Filozoficzna Wladz Publicznych Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej
Santa Sede, Conferenze Episcopali, Stati: Esperienze di Paesi dell'Unione Europea
Podstawy Regulacji Stosunkow Panstwo-Kosciol w Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej i Republice Wloskiej
Od Tymczasowosci do Stabilizacji. Zmiany w Polskim Prawie Wyznaniowym na Przestrzni lat 1989-2009