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Volume 14

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Denominational Provisions in the Constitution of the Republic of Poland (Explanatory Remarks)
The Internal Law of Jewish Religious Communities in Poland vs. Statutory Standards
Realization of Religious Toleration in the Seventeenth Century Maryland
The French Ban on Wearing Religious Symbols in State Schools before the ECHR. The Controversy, Comments and Evaluations
State Supervision over Religious Instruction Centres - An Example of State Administration in Zielona Gora and Its Activities toward the Church Organization in Gorzow Wielkopolski
On Funding the Purposes of Worship Conducted by Churches and Other Religious Associations
The Emergence of the Polish Catholic and Social Association
Business Activity in Religious Cemeteries Done by Judicial Persons of the Catholic Church
Legal Aspects of Organising Lent Retreat in the Context of School Functioning
The Evolution of the Legal Status of the Orthodox Church in Korczmin
Protection of Personal Data in the Activity of the Roman Catholic Church in Poland
The Budgetary Consequences of Non-Direct Support of Religious Institutions from Public Funds in Poland
Amendment of the Act on the Relationship between State and the Lutheran Church on the Basis of Article 25(5) of the Constitution of the Republic of Poland: Intra-Church Studies of 2002 and Current Amendment Proposals
The Right to Conscientious Objection in Lawful Medical Care. Resolution 1763 of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe of 7 October 2010
Pod Wezwaniem Boga Czy Narodu: Religia a Ustroj - Studium Przypadku Polskich Konstytucji
Muslims and the State in Britain, France, and Germany
Artur Mezglewski, Polski Model Edukacji Religijnej w Szkolach Publicznych. Aspekty Prawne
Henryk Ryszard Tomaszewski, Baptysci w Polsce w Latach 1918-1958
Andrzej Szymanski, Proces Likwidacji Dzialalnosci Charytatywnej Kosciola Katolickiego w Sferze Publicznoprawnej w Latach 1945-1965
Las Asociaciones de Fieles. Aspectos Canonicos y Civiles. Acta del VIII Simposio Internacional del Instituto Martin Azpilcueta (Pamplona 4-6 de Noviembre 2009)
II Ogolnopolska Konferencja Prawa Malzenskiego i Rodzinnego pt. Malzenstwo na Cale Zycie
Wykand Prof. Josepha H.H. Weilera pt. Freedom of Religion and Freedom from Religion: The European Model
VIII Ogolnopolskie Sympozjum Prawa Wyznaniowego, Zjazd Katedr i Wykladowcow Prawa Wyznaniowego, nt. Finansowanie Kosciolow i Innych Zwiazkow Wyzananiowych