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Studies in Transnational Legal Policy

Full Text: Nos. 1-49 (1972-2016)
Indexed: Nos. 1-51 (1972-2018)
Publisher: American Society of International Law
Publication Website:
ISSN: 1057-0551
Frequency: 1

Additional Information for Studies in Transnational Legal Policy
The "occasional paper" series of the American Society of International Law. Developed for use by scholars, officials, practicing lawyers, students and others interested in the use and development of international law and institutions in international relations.


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49 (Proceedings of the Tenth International Humanitarian Law Dialogs, 2016)
48 (Proceedings of the Ninth International Humanitarian Law Dialogs, 2015)
47 (Proceedings of the Eighth International Humanitarian Law Dialogs, 2014)
46 (Proceedings of the Seventh International Humanitarian Law Dialogs, 2013)
45 (Proceedings of the Sixth International Humanitarian Law Dialogs, 2012)
44 (Proceedings of the Fifth International Humanitarian Law Dialogs, 2012)
43 (Proceedings of the Fourth International Humanitarian Law Dialogs, 2011)
42 (Proceedings of the Third International Humanitarian Law Dialogs, 2010)
41 (Incorporating the Guiding Principles on Internal Displacement into Domestic Law: Issues and Challenges, 2010)
40 (Proceedings of the Second International Humanitarian Law Dialogs, 2009)
39 (Proceedings of the First International Humanitarian Law Dialogs, 2008)
38 (Guiding Principles on Internal Displacement: Annotations, 2008)
37 (Trade as Guarantor of Peace, Liberty and Security? - Critical, Empirical and Historical Perspectives, 2005)
36 (Methods of International Law, 2004)
35 (International Law: A Handbook for Judges, 2003)
34 (Guiding Principles on Internal Displacement and the Law of the South Caucasus: Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, 2003)
33 (National Treaty Law and Practice: Canada, Egypt, Israel, Mexico, Russia, South Africa, 2003)
32 (Guiding Principles on Internal Displacement: Annotations, 2000)
31 (World Bank, International Financial Institutions, and the Development of International Law, 1999)
30 (National Treaty Law and Practice: Austria, Chile, Colombia, Japan, The Netherlands, United States, 1999)
29 (International Compliance with Nonbinding Accords, 1997)
28 (Treaty Implementation Scientific and Technical Advice Enters a New Stage, 1996)
27 (National Treaty Law and Practice: France, Germany, India, Switzerland, Thailand, United Kingdom, 1995)
26 (Human Rights: An Agenda for the Next Century, 1994)
25 (Reconceiving Reality: Women and International Law, 1993)
24 (Teaching International Law in the 1990's, 1993)
23 (Movement of Persons Across Borders, 1992)
22 (Nonviolent Responses to Violence-Prone Problems, 1991)
21 (Gulf of Maine Case: An International Discussion, 1988)
20 (International Investment Disputes: Avoidance and Settlement, 1985)
19 (Legal Aspects of International Terrorism: Summary Report of an International Conference, 1980)
18 (Functioning and Effectiveness of Selected United Nations System Programs, 1980)
17 (United States and the Inter-American System: Are there Functions for the Forms?, 1978)
16 (International Aid Coordination: Needs and Machinery, 1978)
15 (Global Satellite Observation System for Earth Resources: Problems and Prospects, 1977)
14 (International Regulation of Pharmaceutical Drugs, 1976)
13 (International Regulation of Pesticide Residues in Food, 1976)
12 (Re-Making the System of World Trade: A Proposal for Institutional Reform, 1976)
11 (Consequences of Non-Agreement at the Third U.N. Law of the Sea Conference, 1976)
10 (Deepsea Mining and the Environment, 1976)
9 (United States and the United Nations Treaty on Racial Discrimination, 1975)
8 (Policy Issues in Ocean Law, 1975)
7 (Direct Broadcasting from Satellites: Policies and Problems, 1975)
6 (Puerto Rico and the International Process, 1975)
5 (Environment and the Law of the Sea, 1974)
4 (Principles for a Global Fisheries Management Regime, 1974)
3 (Future of the International Telecommunication Union, 1972)
2 (Question of an Ocean Dumping Convention, 1972)
1 (Long-Term International Monetary Reform, 1972)