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Full Text: Vols. 79-86 Article 3 (2009-2017) Title Varies: Vol. 79 (2009-2010) as MISSing Sources; Online Companion Journal to the Mississippi Law Journal
Publisher: University of Mississippi Law School
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ISSN: 0026-6280
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Additional Information for Supra
The Mississippi Law Journal is pleased to announce the launch of its online companion, the Mississippi Law Journal Online. MLJ Online features (1) short faculty/practitioner essays, (2) responses to printed articles, and (3) student articles such as case notes and comments. The goal for MLJ Online is to create a Web site for academic, scholarly content that will foster discussion and that can be cited by other law review articles. The Mississippi Law Journal is currently seeking to make these works available on WestLaw, Lexis, and HeinOnline as soon as possible. Although new content will be added to the site periodically, all articles will be archived for later viewing.


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